Monday, July 13, 2015

Tularosa Blue

forevervanny tularosa romper
forevervanny tularosa romperforevervanny tularosa romper

Maybe you can relate too but I've always been a terrible student. Studying was not my forte. I procrastinated a lot, took some shortcuts too. As much as I hated school, I really liked going to the library. I went to my local library a lot when I was little. It was where I met my first best friend.

Over the years, I've learned more from people than I've learned from any books. It's also this reason that I enjoyed Sociology so much during University.

When it comes to grades, I'm such an under-achiever. It's probably from this that one of my High School Biology teachers called me the "worst Asian student she ever had" (haha).

Now that I'm older, I don't frequent the library as much anymore. Living in New York, I've come to really enjoy cafes and bars. I don't know what is about me but I've always been pretty lucky when it comes to meeting people, especially older people. They just gravitate towards me everywhere I go, and I end up listening for hours to their stories without even realizing. So much better than reading, in my opinion.

It's also because of this that I have a slight obsession with grandmas. My goal is to the the coolest grandma on the block when I'm 95 (not even kidding haha).

For now, I guess I'll just admire the architecture of one of my favorite libraries from the outside, the New York Public Library at Bryant Park.

Romper: Tularosa Label
Bag: Givenchy Antigona (Medium Beige)
Accessories: Vanessa Mooney and Jennifer Zeuner

Photos by Sandra L.

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