Wednesday, September 30, 2015

11. Despite my neutral wardrobe, yellow is my favorite color, especially because of sunflowers.
12. Shoes are my favorite article of clothing. The Valentino Rockstuds are my favorite pair, and so are the Jensen. I plan on getting these next.
13. The majority of my tops are white and bottoms are black.
14. The PS11 is my favorite bag and I would own it in every single color if I could.
15. I'm probably the only person that doesn't really like Loubs. I also suck at walking in heels.
16. According to my mom, I used to be a diva when I was little. I refused to go to school if I didn't like what I was wearing. She put me in nude leggings one day and I threw a fit (nude leggings are still not in, mom).
17. I don't really fancy dresses, unless they're shirt dresses like this one.
18. Margaret Zhang is my fashion inspiration.
19. I don't own an actual wallet. I try to squeeze everything into my card case.
20. The Balenciaga was the first designer bag I fell in love with back in 6th grade, yet I still have never purchased one.

Every time I get tagged in one of these chain lists of things to write about - I'm always like "wow, 20 is so many." Once I start writing them, I realize -- hmm, maybe that's way too few. Or maybe I just don't like putting a limit on myself.
It's hard. For some people, they want to make these the top 20 whatever it is that they want to share - and that's true for me too until I get to a point where I just say to myself screw it - I'll just write whatever it is that comes to my mind first. How do you even weight the importance of facts that are by you, about you? Haha.
I have to admit, these fashion facts aren't as interesting as I thought they would be, maybe you'll like the random weirder ones about me. I posted them on Instagram the other day since a good friend tagged me in one of those "20 Facts" things - CLICK HERE.

Hopefully these facts were some what interesting - if not, just ask me anything that you're curious about! ;)

Until next time!

Top: Zara
Pants: Topshop

Photos by Shun S.

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