Wednesday, March 9, 2016


 Chevron Knit Dress


It’s probably much easier to look forward to Spring with a clean slate of mind, but as a personal motto of mine, everything comes full circle. Beyond just wastefully going through a phase of wardrobe cleansing for the first week of a new season, I prefer to organize instead. There’s a great sorted-out feeling of just knowing where everything is and what purpose they serve.

Contrary to what most people might find themselves doing at the beginning of Spring - putting all of their coats away - I find myself first putting all of my chunky knits away instead. I’m a sucker for contrasting layers so it’s pretty common for you to see me in a tough outerwear jacket with a crop top.

So here’s a cheers to this sneak peak of Spring with an old twist on stripes, chevron in a form of a crotchet knitted dress, and over the knee boots with my winter coat halfway slipping off my shoulders.

Coat: Zara
Chevron Knit Dress: Zara
Over The Knee Boots: Aldo Shoes
Bag: Proenza Schouler PS11

Photos by Shun S.

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