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Friday, March 25, 2016




Spring is here! And I know because I can finally show some legs in my culottes - and a few insights.

When I was sitting in my Intro to Sociology course a few years ago, I had no idea I’d be sitting down at a desk with a laptop from 9-5 and holding two phones from 5-I-pass-out in my tiny hands doing Social Media as a full-time job today. It’s actually pretty intriguing how both subjects fit together. I’m no expert on Social Media nor have I gotten my Ph.D. in it (which I’m sure will be available in a few years from now) but here're a few things that I feel have really evolved and changed about the way we socialize.

For the sake of keeping this post from turning into my thesis, let’s just stick to Social Media in the scope of Fashion Blogging (mainly because that’s what I do and the field that I’ve been working in).

As a starting point, I think we can all agree that the fashion industry has grown in ways unimaginable thanks to the different social media platforms that allowed everyone an opportunity to broadcast, promote, and express themselves — for better or worse.

From a perspective of someone working in the industry, I believe that there are a few things to always keep in mind.

1. Don’t underestimate your audience.

I don’t know about you, but I was always taught to never assume that someone knows any less than I do. For the most part, yes, content are created so quickly and so fast that you might think that your audience will forget and forgive easily. But, trust that as temporary as something might seem to the social media world, it is also as permanent because you’re leaving an impression on someone and that will always stick with them no matter what. This includes staying true to your brand message because even without the #sponsored or #ad in your captions your followers will spot something that’s completely irrelevant to what you stand for (and that’s embarrassing).

2. Quality is key.

At this point in social media, I believe quantity is just as important as quality. It’s keeping the two consistent that's the hard part. But if you can’t focus on both, always prioritize quality. You might think having a few thousand followers mean something now, but it no longer holds the same power that it does a few years ago. As someone who browses through thousands of bloggers and influencers a day I can tell you that unless you have an engagement rate that's equivalent to your following, brands will most likely only accept your content based on its quality. And quality is definitely NOT doing something other people have done so already 10 times before (and if you’re going to take someone’s idea, at least, respect them and do a good job at recreating their work).

Edit: Hence the uproar in people posting these "turn on notification" images out of fear that they would lose likes/comments as Instagram announced recently that they were changing the algorithm to the user feeds.  (3/28/2016)

3. Have fun. 

I know, how difficult when quality is at stake. But honestly, most good contents are organic contents-- contents that are often authentic and 100% original. They say that the moment your hobby becomes your job, it starts to not be fun anymore, but that shouldn’t be how social media works for those trying to venture into the business side of fashion blogging. Too many times I see people stressing out about not having content to post, getting upset about not getting a certain photo and jumping on to literally every single social media platform just to stay relevant. Content are better when they’re stemmed from good times more often than they do from you forcing it.

Top: Asos
Culottes: Aritzia (on sale)
Bag: Proenza Schouler PS11 Classic Mini
Jacket: MANGO

Photos by Shun S.

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