Light and Sweet

April 19, 2015

Fresher than Ever Blazer & Buckle Me Down Dress - Tobi (c/o)

I like my clothes the way I like my coffee -- light and sweet.

Pairing masculine pieces such as a blazer with a delicate dress is something that you can expect from me. I love it when your style speaks a little about who you are, and I guess this says "I might look sweet, but trust that I won't take your bullshit."

It's been so long since I've worn a blazer, mainly since I can never find one that fits me well. And to be quite honest, I hate going that extra step of getting a blazer tailored when I already have to pay a steep amount for a good one anyway. Luckily I ran into this oversized one from Tobi, that fits me like a glove. I love how the shoulders are slightly padded giving it a bit of structure - and god bless the fact that the sleeves are not too baggy on my arms.

I can already think of so many ways to incorporate this blazer into my Spring wardrobe, but this along with the dress is something I'm looking forward to repeating for work, and after-work drinks :)

Photos by Shun S.