5 Reasons Why You Need A Shirtdress

June 24, 2015

1. Any-Occasion

One of the biggest reasons why I believe that a shirtdress is so essential is because it can be worn for any type of occasions.

From school, to work, to a night out, it's so simple to change up a shirtdress's vibe, heck, even with the right shoes and accessories I can see myself wearing one as a wedding guest too. 

And if you're still not convinced, here are two photos of shirtdresses slaying on the red carpet, here and here.

2. All-Body-Types

With so many social standards about a women's body, it's amazing that we have a piece of clothing that doesn't discriminate. There are so many types of shirtdresses out there to cater to every body's needs. 

My personal favorites are the ones with a tie at the waist. It lets me control how short or long I want the skirt to be and it is definitely the type that's most flattering for everyone since it helps accentuate the natural waist! 

A shirtdress is classic, polished, and even though it is not body-hugging, it is still sexy and alluring to me somehow (just think of it like wearing your boyfriend's shirt the morning after). 

3. More-Than-Once

I'm not sure at what point in my life that I came to be aware of this, but if you're a girl (or a guy with a stylish girlfriend) you would know that there is this unspoken law of never wearing the same dress more than once (at least you'll try your best to make it seem this way by sneakily repeating it at a different time, in a different place, especially with hopefully not the same people).

But when it comes to a shirtdress, I can speak from experience that you can surely repeat it without feeling any sort of shame (of course I'm not talking about wearing it once every week, but even so I feel like you can still get away with that too). 

The point is, because a shirtdress is so casual and simple that it is very easy to dress up or down. With a different pair of shoes, a different set of accessories or even just a different bag and you have an entirely new look. Don't believe me? I dare you to try it for yourself!

4. All-Year-Round

This falls along the idea of being able to wear a shirtdress more than once, but here's an idea of how you can pull it off through all four seasons. 

In the fall, pair it with knee high boots and a light jacket. Comes winter, throw on some tights and an oversized sweater to layer up and still look cute under that huge coat. For Spring, add a pretty color scarf and a chunky pair of ankle booties. During summer, stay easy breezy with a straw hat and cute lace up sandals. 

Yep, invest in a really cute one and you'll surely outwear the cost of it easily. 

5. Food-baby Cover-Up

Between you and I, of all reasons, this one is my favorite reason. And let's be honest, any dress that can hide that food baby is already a dress I'd grab up in a heartbeat.

Shirtdress: H&M (in olive)
Shoes: GAP (old, similar here)
Accessories: Q&Q Watch

Photos by Shun S.