30 Hours of Summer

July 17, 2015

forevervanny aritzia
forevervanny aritziaforevervanny aritziaforevervanny aritziaforevervanny aritzia

Last week, I found out that I was the grand prize winner of Aritzia's hashtag contest #NoWhereEverywhere. With $2,500 to one of my favorite stores of all time, this was too good to be true.

After a few days of receiving the prize in the mail, I decided to pop into the store to pick out some pieces to bring along to my SEAsia trip next week.

I ended up spending 2 hours or so in the fitting room trying practically everything on. Luckily my friend Maggie happens to be working, and she was genuinely helping me find pieces that would actually fit my style as opposed to overwhelming me with random stuff. I've also been shopping at Aritzia since I was a freshman in high school, so I've accumulated a wide varitery of pieces in the past 7/8 years, which made the whole shopping process even harder.

At one point, Maggie threw this slip dress into my fitting room yelling "THIS IS A STAPLE" and now I can see why. I tried it on without thinking too much, and although it looked really nice in the fitting room, I didn't really fall in love with it until I wore it out last weekend. It's the perfect day to night dress, and it is so effortlessly sleek.

It's finally starting to feel like summer with nights like these. I hope you enjoy this post and reading about my day :)

Friday 2:30pm
Friday 3:00pm
Cheers. Bellini toast is a TLBC tradition!

Wouldn't have been possible without this lovely lady Keen.
Friday 4:00pm
The entrees came out and we got right to work trying to create the greatest food spread ever.

Luckily we were the only guests there, so we didn't disturb anyone!
Friday 5:00pm
One whole hour later and we were still spoiled with desserts. Hand painted eclairs anyone?
Friday 5:15pm
Vainly spent an extra 15min or so taking selfie by the window because who doesn't take advantage of good lighting? Haha.
Friday 5:30pm
Walked over to 1 Hotel to check out their green wall and shot for Daisy's blog (for her outfit details click here).
Friday 6:00pm
Said goodbye to Keen and found a quite corner along Central Park to shoot for this post
Friday 6:30pm-9:00pm
Parted ways with Daisy and headed to Brooklyn to drop of my stuff at my best friend's place.

Had a dinner with his gf and parents and got to Coney just when the firework show started!
Friday 9:30pm
Third wheeling these cuties
Friday 10:00pm
After a couple of rides, William came to keep me company!

Coney at night is a totally different vibe!
Friday 10:30pm
Then Calvin came! We thought having 4 people playing would increase the odds of winning, but guess not haha!
Friday 11:30pm
Ended up at a random bar on Coney's strip, but had one of the worse margaritas in my life -- it didn't even come in a salt rim glass! At least the Russian karaoke was pretty good haha!
Saturday 12:30am
From a complimentary lunch at the Park Hyatt to eating $2 skewers over Coronas somewhere in Brooklyn
Saturday 11:00am
For some reason, when you drink you get crazy early the next morning.

So Will, Sally and I ended up at Dudley's for brunch.

**S/O to the sweetest waitress Emily for the drink after she recognized my food spread photos at Dudleys :')
Saturday 1:00pm
Found this awesome swing chair in a shop on our way to meet up with Sandra at Aritzia. Made Will spent an hour or something waiting while us girls were just in the fitting room hanging out. Hahha
Saturday 2:30pm
Kept saying how much we wanted coffee, but ended up stopping in the Derek Lam boutique. No regrets since I found these beautiful red heels and my girlfriend Sandra scored an awesome jacket :P
Saturday 3:30pm
Finally got our ice coffee fixes!
Saturday 4:30pm
Hung out at Saturdays while we waited for Sally's boyfriend to come over after work to have dinner (that's Will praying in his Public School cap)
Saturday 6:30pm
Got to Hiroko's for dinner. Loved the shelf of mangas filled with original Naruto copies in that place.
Saturday 8:30pm
Walked to St. Marks for some SnowDays. We got so lucky since the line was out the door the moment we got our orders! We all called it a night after that since we were all so tired from the day before.

Dress: Aritzia
Intimate: Criss-cross bralette from Abercrombie
Bag: Proenza Schouler
Accessories: Artizia Scarf

Photos by Daisy O