February 27, 2017

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Pearl Earrings with Camel Coat and One Shoulder Sweater | FOREVERVANNY.comCamel Coat and One Shoulder Sweater with GRLFRND Jeans | FOREVERVANNY.comCamel Double Face Two Tone Coat | FOREVERVANNY.comCamel Coat and One Shoulder Sweater | FOREVERVANNY.com

Having an opinion these days is kind of a rare thing when it feels like you can barely get a grasp of anything. I’ll be the first to admit that mixed drinks will always be my alcoholic beverage of choice over a straight glass of something toxically tasting (except for wine, because who really has a hard time swallowing good old wine?).
I wouldn’t say that I’m an avid drinker, but I sure as hell never pass up an opportunity to include alcohol in any sort of celebratory or mourning events - but having so many mixed drinks over the years, I’ve learned a few things about what makes a mixed drink a good one (it’s definitely the ratio, trust me). Like margaritas, mixed feelings can mean a really good night, or a night you probably won’t remember (which could be good too, subjectively - but again I try not to get there). Please drink responsibly, kids.
Mixed feelings, unlike mixed drinks, are quite intoxicating because they end up leaving us fickle and constantly wavering. Which leads me to think, people without opinions are either ignorant or simply lazy.
I get it, though, having a strong opinion these days can come off as predatorial, but again, I’m sick of people who are just way too neutral on every subject I bring up to have a conversation about. It’s annoying, and quite frankly, a waste of my time.
It’s intimidating to have an opinion, I will admit, but aren’t we all advocates of being stronger/better versions of ourselves these days? If we can’t openly voice our opinions, doesn’t that make us hypocrites? Having strong feelings doesn’t make us right or wrong, but opens up opportunities for us to be engaged in discussions that can either teach us more or clarify misunderstandings.
Not saying that you should have a firm stand on everything (let's be honest, it's exhausting to give more than two shits on everything and everyone), but for at least the things that do keep you up at night or cloud over your thoughts during the day - pick a side. Lastly, just make sure that whatever your opinions are, that they never develop into alternative facts.

Coat: United Arrows (similar version here and here)
One Shoulder Sweater: LPA c/o Revolve (same color here for under $100, and here)
Boyfriend Denim: GRLFRND Denim c/o Revolve (also worn here)
Shoes: Chanel Espadrilles (also worn here)
Bag: Proenza Schouler PS11 (a personal staple)
Earrings: Majorica

Photos by Sandra L.