Tokyo, Japan | Part 1

Saturday, March 18, 2017

City Tokyo Japan |

Let's go over the basics.
Japan isn't notoriously known to be one of the most condensed cities in the world for no reason. Tokyo alone boasts a population of 13,617,445 (as of 2016*) in 47 prefectures. Uncommon to popular consensus, Tokyo was not a city that I was actually really interested in. In fact, on my first trip there, I came back kind of taken aback by my whole experience. My second time was a little better, but I still wasn't 100% sold on the fascination with Tokyo. The third time, however, with the quick stop in Kyoto, changed my entire perspective of Japan in general.

In this part, I'm breaking down my snaps of the most infamous tourist places in Tokyo that includes Shibuya, Ginza, Tsukiji Fish Market,  Omotesando and Harajuku.

Tokyo Japan | FOREVERVANNY.comTokyo Japan | FOREVERVANNY.comShibuya Tokyo Japan |
Tokyo Japan | FOREVERVANNY.comShibuya Tokyo Japan |

Shibuya is infamous for the busiest crosswalk in the world, the area reminds me of Times Square. The energy is quite infectious and you can't help but feel incredibly small in the best way possible. The only difference I would say is that if someone accidentally bumps into you because you’re trying to get a photo in the middle of it - they won’t give you that New Yorker “wtf” look.

Shibuya lives up to its name as being crowded and lively and to be honest, while many places are tourist traps, you’ll still be able to find a decent spot to eat, drink or party, at random. That’s really the magic of Tokyo.

If you ever visit Shibuya though, I highly recommend visiting SILKREAM. It’s one of the creamiest ice cream I’ve ever had. And if you can find it, there is a low-key katsu place that I recently discovered (Katsukichi Shibuya) which features really tender and delicious portions in a traditional setting.

Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Tokyo Japan | FOREVERVANNY.comHarajuku Tokyo Japan | FOREVERVANNY.comReissue Cafe Harajuku Tokyo Japan |

Omotesando + Harajuku
Back when I would visit Tokyo while Shun still had to work most of the days, I spent a lot of time in Omotesando and Harajuku just shopping and browsing. So that explains a lot why I don't have a lot of photos from this area, but if you're curious, I have plenty of shots via iPhone on my Instagram under #FVxJapan.

If you're looking for good coffee and cute desserts, you'll most like find both back to back in this area. For coffee, I love Omotesando Koffee (when it still existed 2 years ago - the same branch is now at Toranomon), Streamers and Reissue. For vintage shopping, Amore Tokyo and Vintage Qoo (you're welcome).

Omotesando is a shopping lane comparable to Soho, Broadway. You'll find a lot of street style eye-candy as well as the mirror-walled Tokyu Plaza which has a great rooftop terrace that features different food events seasonally.

Ginza Tokyo Japan | FOREVERVANNY.comGinza Tokyo Japan | FOREVERVANNY.comTokyo Japan |

Ginza + Tsukiji
When touring the neighborhoods of Tokyo on a limited time frame, Ginza and Tsujiki are two places that you can explore together in a day. When it was still ok to visit the fish auctions at Tsujiki, one would probably have to wake up around 4 am to make it there in time for all of the actions - but now that that’s no longer an option, I tend to start off the day strolling Ginza and people-watch business men and women squirm to their offices in the most fashionable way. Ginza also offers a kaleidoscope Tokyu plaza view of a crossing that's emptier and arguably more photogenic than Shibuya’s in my opinion.

Every time I pass by Ginza, I always make time to stop by Dover Street Market as well as some of the vintage boutiques even if I’m not planning to buy much. Apparently, kimonos and Hermes Birkins makes an outfit in this part of town.

Tsukiji Fish Market Tokyo Japan | FOREVERVANNY.comTsukiji Fish Market Tokyo Japan | FOREVERVANNY.comTsukiji Fish Market Tokyo Japan | FOREVERVANNY.comTsukiji Fish Market Tokyo Japan | FOREVERVANNY.comTsukiji Fish Market Tokyo Japan | FOREVERVANNY.comTsukiji Fish Market Tokyo Japan | FOREVERVANNY.comTsukiji Fish Market Sushi Tokyo Japan | FOREVERVANNY.comTsukiji Fish Market Tokyo Japan |

For lunch in Tsukiji, there’s an omakase place that I’ve made time for on each of my trips, Kinoshige Tsukiji Hoten. It’s located on the end strip of the marketplace of Tsukiji discreetly tucked in a corner peeking out from a row of vending machines and it’s so good I want to cry, every single time.

If you’re done early, there are also tons of fresh seafood to devour around like grilled sea urchin, oysters the size of a man’s hand, white strawberry mochi and even soft serve topped with whale flakes (tastes like cookies & cream, haha).

Personally, I wouldn't spend more than two weeks in Tokyo as it does get very routine - but aside from these places, there are some areas that I've grown to love and they are atypical places that I don't mind coming back for often. Look forward to Tokyo, Part 2.