Breakfast In Bed

March 31, 2017

Pajamas Grana - Breakfast in bed with Grana |
Pajamas Grana - Breakfast in bed with Grana |
Lounging - Breakfast in bed with Grana | FOREVERVANNY.comPajamas Grana - Breakfast in bed with Grana | FOREVERVANNY.comPajamas Grana - Breakfast in bed with Grana |

Hotel rooms feel more like home when you bring your own pajamas. And breakfast in bed seems like a scene from a movie (except this was actually a set up we did while shooting for a hotel on Wednesday morning).

I’m not sure why it’s taken me all these years to really see the importance of real sleepwear, but owning a set of these from Grana sure made me see the light. All of the details on this set are what makes it special for me. As opposed to the traditional button up blouses, the racer back cami makes it so easy for someone like me to get used to it, as I'm one of those people who would rather sleep naked if I could. I know, black also isn't typical of silk pajamas either, but the look of it just oozes luxe. 

Some people buy more sports bras than they'll ever need to own for working out at the gym, my form of fat burning is sleeping, so it’s only fair that I invest a little in my pajamas too. It also helps, knowing that Chinese silk is also extremely good for the skin (just like how sleeping on silk pillows is good for your hair) - bet you didn’t know that right?

Pants: GRANA

Photos by Yuxi L.
Shot at Omni Berkshire Place

Cozy Cashmere

November 14, 2016

GRANA Silk Slip Dress and Cashmere Cardigan, Celine Belt Bag and Tibi Slides, Ways to Style Slip Dress for Fall / GRANA - Cozy Cashmere / FOREVERVANNY
GRANA Silk Slip Dress and Cashmere Cardigan, Celine Belt Bag and Tibi Slides, Ways to Style Slip Dress for Fall / GRANA - Cozy Cashmere / FOREVERVANNYGRANA Silk Slip Dress and Cashmere Cardigan, Celine Belt Bag and Tibi Slides, Ways to Style Slip Dress for Fall / GRANA - Cozy Cashmere / FOREVERVANNY

If the word cashmere doesn’t ooze with warmth and coziness melting in your mind, then you haven’t really experienced the joy of winter. There’s a saying that goes “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes.” This could not be any truer for winter dressing. For one thing, as much of a summer-spirited person as I am, I would take cold feet and hands over sweaty and sticky ones any day but that doesn't mean I don't like being warm either.

Not all cashmere are made equal, though, and it’s important to know that your cashmere is worth the price that you paid for them. GRANA is an e-commerce that aims at providing the finest quality materials to create several lines of basics that not only look good but feel good as well. To learn more about GRANA’s cashmere which is sourced from Mongolia, click here.

GRANA Silk Slip Dress and Cashmere Cardigan, Celine Belt Bag and Tibi Slides, Ways to Style Slip Dress for Fall / GRANA - Cozy Cashmere / FOREVERVANNYGRANA Silk Slip Dress and Cashmere Cardigan, Celine Belt Bag and Tibi Slides, Ways to Style Slip Dress for Fall / GRANA - Cozy Cashmere / FOREVERVANNYGRANA Silk Slip Dress and Cashmere Cardigan, Celine Belt Bag and Tibi Slides, Ways to Style Slip Dress for Fall / GRANA - Cozy Cashmere / FOREVERVANNY

To emphasize on the versatility of basics and the quality of materials, I've styled two looks using 3 items from GRANA for reference. This Chinese silk slip-dress was delicate enough to be tucked into my joggers without feeling chunky and uncomfortable. On its own, it is soft and pure, retaining heat when it touches my skin and moves effortlessly under an oversized cashmere cardigan.

If you’re interested in giving Grana a try, please feel free to use this special promo code (VANNYxGRANA) for 25% off.

Cashmere Cardigan: GRANA
Cashmere Joggers: GRANA
Silk Slip Dress: GRANA
Shoes: Tibi Jack Feather Slides(in maroon here) also worn previously here.
Bag: Celine Belt Bag

Photos by Grace J.
Styled by Van L.

This post is sponsored by GRANA. All opinions expressed are my own.

This Tuesday

November 11, 2016

If you know me, you know that I'm not one to voice my political opinions often, especially not via social media. But to be quite honest with you, it has been four full days and I've yet found the right words, or rather at a loss for words as to how I should express my thoughts. In the midst of all this chaotic mess, I was able to find comfort and solitude knowing that all, if not most, of my friends and those who are close to me, for the most part, have been on the side of the lesser of two evils. And while we can either go on being optimistic or pessimistic about the whole situation, there are a couple key issues that I have been thinking long and hard about.

During the election, many people were quick to point out that it felt exactly like Brexit all over again. And that made me realize how wide the gap between our generation and our parents' and grandparents' is. The country divided, that many media reporters constantly repeated over and over again, was not one that is separated by beliefs or political parties but rather understanding and compassion for one another. The responsibilities for those who came before us to raise us and for those who have been taken care of to not leave those who have fend for us is greatly equal. By that, I don't just mean monetarily but intellectually. While it might seem easier for many of us to not argue with our parents or confront them when their beliefs sound outdated to many of us millennials', we have a duty to not convince them otherwise but at least make them acknowledge our point of view as well. Collective understanding is something that arrives from meaningful discussions and conversations, and if we neglect that, we widen the gap. So, while petitioning and making Facebook statuses are important in which it raises social awareness, once in a while, take a few minutes to talk to your mom, your dad, and your grandparents. Understand them first, before asking them to be understanding of you. At the very least, if we all knew our close ones and neighbors better, Trump's triumph wouldn't have come as such a shock to many of us.

Secondly, I think that if you have not heard of the phenomenon called the 'Filter-Bubble' then I highly suggest you take a quick Google search skim. It's interesting, I promise. It pretty much explains and explores how the personalized web is shaping our perspectives and how we think. The information that we choose to read for the sake of convenience might not be the information that we really need to know. Not every related article under one that our friend share on Facebook is relevant, and not every New York Times read is 100% credible. For example, how I feel about the #nofilter hashtag is how I feel about people who calls themselves “minimalists” when their photo squares don't properly portray a tasteful use of negative space. Think about it, we live in a time when there’s a no-make-up make-up look that probably requires more products to achieve than just putting on make-up. Our realities are no longer what they seem, and while I’m not encouraging everyone to become conspiracy theorists, I do hope that we all become much better critical listeners and thinkers.

Alas, this is the part where I come up with something quirky to tie this write-up into my outfit, but bare with me for sounding like my AP English teacher for one post irrelevantly, as I do find this space on the interweb intimate enough to share my personal thoughts with y'all, just because.

Top: H&M
Pants: Uniqlo
Bag: Chanel

Photos by Sandra L.


November 2, 2016

FOREVERVANNY L'academie at Revolve Clothing
FOREVERVANNY L'academie at Revolve ClothingFOREVERVANNY L'academie at Revolve ClothingFOREVERVANNY L'academie at Revolve ClothingFOREVERVANNY L'academie at Revolve Clothing

I laugh a little when my mother makes remarks along the line of “what friends?” or “it’s ok if you’re just going out by yourself” when I tell her I’m meeting my mates for dinner or drinks. I don’t blame her to be quite honest with you. Sometimes I feel like my biggest surprise on my birthday is that people actually want to celebrate or hang out with me. On the outside, I guess I would consider myself pretty sociable. A little awkward, but nothing too cringe-y that will make you just walk away (I think). Though I will admit I can be brutally too honest.

I’m part sociologist, part self-analyst. I judge myself all the time and I’m always talking to myself while taking a bath (don’t lie, I know it’s not too uncommon). I like self-reflecting a lot, in fact, I dwell on things I’ve said to people for days at a time (and that says a lot since my attention span is that of a squirrel). As invested as I am, in constantly revolving my thoughts around myself, I find that I can be really uncompromising with a lot of the things around me.

I wouldn’t say that I’m a picky eater, but there are certain things I would never order, like lamb or goat cheese. I’d say those are preferences. I know what I like, and what I don’t and it irks me when people try to convince me otherwise.

I know, there are times when I’ll say, “it’s cold” and someone would point out that I’m not wearing enough clothes - but honestly, an extra scarf wouldn’t have went together well with my outfit so I just wouldn’t bother. I know I’m stubborn but my preferences are just something I feel like no one has the right to challenge unless it somehow affects them. Hah. So leave me alone if there are huge holes in my jeans in 40-degree weather. Cold knees are the new cold shoulders, haha.

Top: L'Academie c/o Revolve Clothing
Cami: H&M (similar here)
Pants: Zara (similar here + here)
Shoes: Chanel Espadrilles
Bag: Chanel WOC
Jacket: Oak + Fort (similar styles here + here)

Photos by Brian N.
Style and Direction by Van Le

Pop + Fine Jewelry Giveaway

August 15, 2016

 Mejuri Fine Jewelry
It’s been a really long time since I added some new fine jewelry to my rotation. I always have a really hard time since my skin is sensitive to nickel filled jewelry.

I get a lot of questions all of the time about the set of rings that I’m currently wearing and I always feel bad when I answer that they’re my mothers, meaning you guys won’t be able to get them.

Fortunately for this partnership with Mejuri, one of you guys will be able to win one of these 14k chain rings with a color pop of your choice! It's funny actually, how much of a black and white person I am, yet yellow just never fails to make me happy. Yellow is one of my favorite colors, so having this set on my hands have really lightened my mood every time that I see it. 

I hope you guys enjoy this photoset that I worked on for this collaboration and enter the giveaway. If you see anything else that you like please feel free to use this code: [Van10] for 10% off your order until 8/29/2016.

Photos by Sandra Lin
Concept by Van Le
Giveaway sponsored by Mejuri

Forever At A Time

August 14, 2016

 Forever 21 Pre Fall
Forever21 FOREVERVANNY Laced Up TopForever21 FOREVERVANNY Laced Up TopForever21 FOREVERVANNY Laced Up TopForever21 FOREVERVANNY Laced Up TopForever21 FOREVERVANNY Laced Up TopForever21 FOREVERVANNY Pre-fall

It’s really funny how things work out sometimes. Times where you’re not even aware that time’s passing by. Times where nothing really moves forward or backward. And times where everything happens all at once.

If I’m being honest, Summer isn’t half as bad as I make it seem like, but sometimes I’m too used to dreading it that I can’t seem to find any reasons to like it. As much as I prefer Fall over Summer, I always take for granted that I am able to twirl around in a pretty dress when my birthday comes around thanks to the appropriate no-pants-allowed weather.

When I had to shoot this outfit in 104 degrees for Forever 21’s Pre-Fall launch was when I realized how difficult the transition from Summer to Fall actually is. It was the first time I wore pants in the past month, and I can’t even imagine how much getting used to it I’ll have to bear in a couple more weeks when the temperature starts to drop. Yes, laced tops will probably continue to be seen everywhere but not sure how my nips will handle the cold breeze without a bra underneath (tmi?). Of course, I'll miss the mini skirts and short shorts, but I'm definitely excited for the long oversized/ruffle sleeves like the Forever 21 top I'm wearing here lazily tucked into classic black cropped jeans. Watch this space, to see how I'll be layering this in a couple months.

I just feel like I’m constantly in a long distant relationship with everyone and everything that I love. My boyfriend is halfway around the world. I see my best friend once a year. And Fall is always far away and fails to never stay long enough. Yet when I get to see my significant other, my best friend, and even fall - it seems like I could spend forever at a time with them.

Top: Forever 21
Pants: Forever 21
Shoes: Forever 21 (similar here)
Bag: Chanel WOC

Photos by Sandra L.
Styled by Van Le

This post is sponsored by Forever21 for Pre-Fall 2016



June 18, 2016

For someone who prefers green grapes over red ones. Chardonnay over Merlot - I sure do make an exception for wine colored dresses.

Space is important for me, in terms of personal physical space, work space, social space, creative space, and just space to be alone in general. My wardrobe is pretty much a reflection of my daily habits and who I am, hence making space for a dress that's deep burgundy means that it must be something special (bravo, Magali Pascal).

A little color in my life is at times necessary to break up certain routines that I inevitably fall into due to comfort.

If you know me, you'll know that I hate a clean background. To fill up the negative white spaces - I created a mirage-like photo-weave with some outtakes that would usually not make it to the blog. It's been a while since I've done some post processing to my photos, so I hope that you guys enjoy this series.

Dress: Magali Pascal
Shoes: Sacai
Bag: Celine

Magali Pascal AW'16 Collection 'Phoenix Shirtdress in Burgundy'
Shot by Sandra L.
Photoset inspired by Molly Dickson 'Coney Island' 2014

First Date

May 18, 2016

Camel Leather Jacket with Pleated Dress and Burgundy Bag |
Camel Coat and Pleated Dress | FOREVERVANNY.comCamel Leather Jacket and Pleated Dress with Parisa Wang NYC Bag | FOREVERVANNY.comCamel Beige Leather Jacket | FOREVERVANNY.comCamel Beige Leather Jacket | FOREVERVANNY.comCamel Beige Leather Jacket | FOREVERVANNY.comPleated Dress Derek Lam Beige Leather Jacket |

I've been in a relationship for so long that I don't think I can even clearly recall my first date. I can't even imagine how awkward I would be if I had to go on one, like, tomorrow. Maybe a bag like this would be a great ice breaker?

They say that the early stage of a blossoming relationship is usually the best, and I guess after being through that, after so long, I can see why. Not to say that long-term relationships grow boring, but there is just something quite addicting about someone when you first start to fall for them. They begin to take up ALL of your thoughts and without realizing how gross you act around them, you just can't seem to act "normal" at all. It was also around this stage that I began wearing dresses more often than the time my mother would simultaneously change me in and out of 10 daily when I was 5 years old.

With that being said, I might not clearly remember all of the details of my first date, but I do remember exactly how I felt when my (now) boyfriend leaned in for a kiss at my doorsteps and I went for a hug instead that night. I definitely would do the same now if I had to go back and do it all over again, and yes, I'll keep my sneakers with my dresses too.

The fleeting feeling of being in love is one that I am lucky enough to constantly associate with on this topic -- but everyone experiences love differently. This handbag that I'm wearing is from ParisaNYC's Handbag Collection titled "The Love Affair." Contrary to its' unique design and fun versatility - this bag is part of a series of 5 bags that each represents a different stage of love and was actually inspired by a heartbroken relationship. More than just a line of bags, "each handcrafted handbag is meant to serve as a symbol of independence found through a sense of belonging and empowerment." It is a community that I'm excited to be a part of, either being in love or out of love because self-love is always first and foremost.

The ParisaNYC Handbag Collection is launching on Kickstarter today and I invite you to celebrate love, independence, and growth through your stories with me. If you have a moment, I would appreciate it if you could check out Parisa's story with me!


Photos by Christina L.