Venezia, Italy

May 4, 2015

Venezia, Italy /

There are so many ways that Venice makes me feel that I can't describe in words. I guess it's why I can genuinely say that I love this place.

From the moment that I stepped outside of Venice's train station, I was swept off my feet and away. It must be this feeling that some people are firm believers in 'love at first sight.'

Some say that this is one of the most romantic cities in the world, and I can totally understand why now. 

It's been quite some time now since my last gelato in Venice, but I still can't speak much about it although the thought of it is always at the top of my head and edge of my tongue. I think about it everyday, and I want to talk about it to everyone that it's actually quite annoying. 

It all happened so quickly, yet I felt like I've known the place for years. I've always seen it in photos, and dreamed about what it would be like when I finally get the chance to visit.

I imagined how beautiful the sunrise and sunset would be as it lights up the city reflecting over all the streams of water. I knew it would be beautiful -- I just couldn't imagine it being beyond that.

Looking back at all of the moments that I was able to save from Venice through these photos, I can't help but feel touched, moved, motivated and content.

I was able to visit this amazing place with my bestest friend and partner in (adventure)-crime. Although Venice isn't known for having amazing food, our tastebuds led us to Estro Vino e Cucina and Taverna Al Remer - where we had some of the best Italian foods throughout out entire trip. Estro is a wine bar, that I highly recommend. The selection of wine is amazing, and if you ever need help, you can really count on the people there to give you a recommendation because they definitely know their stuff. I was even able to try a glass of a 2009 Barolo for just 9 euro (which is a great deal since you usually have to buy them by bottles). I stumbled upon Taverna Al Remer after a prior meet up location with a friend who was also in Venice too, failed. Although the tavern was a restaurant filled with locals, many of the bartenders spoke English, and I even met one that worked at a speakeasy in New York for a short time. Aside from the great food and atmosphere, we were entertained by lovely live jazz musicians all night long. We laughed so much that night, and the word "twin-soul" will forever remind me of the good times that night.

To me, Venice is like a first love that I'll never get over. It makes me sad, happy, and so many feelings all at the same time. I'm not sure if I'll ever get over it, or find somewhere else that will make me forget about it -- but at the same time, I'm just glad that it happened.

Photos by Shun S.