FOREVERVANNY went live for the first time in 2013. Behind the personal style, travel photography, and fashion inspirations posts, Van Le poured out her rawest thoughts ranging from daily life happenings to social/economic opinions in relation to fashion. Over the years, the site has evolved to be a collection of fashion and travel content personally styled and photographed under the creative direction of Van Le.

Born in Vietnam, and raised in the Bronx. Now, based between New York and Tokyo, FOREVERVANNY's style takes after the people and cultures that are engraved through the different major periods of which her life was spent in these cities. Clean cuts, but usually oversized. Polished and ladylike with a satirical contrast between delicate details featuring tomboyish casual elements is what she feels most comfortable and confident in.

With a BA in Sociology and a deep rooted fascination with fashion design and the fashion industry, Van Le is extremely invested in supporting sustainable fashion.

Beyond fashion, FOREVERVANNY seeks to find other forms of inspirations through different cultures and travel adventures with photo-diaries and thoughtful reflections of her experiences around the world. She hopes that you will find something here that will spark a great idea.

For inquiries, please contact her here.