Out Of Place

August 19, 2015

For some of us, we’re lucky that home isn’t a place, but rather a heart.

A heart is different from a house because it can’t be bought. (I like to think that), a heart is different from a house, in that, there are no doors to each rooms.

Families are complicated. Home, is oftentimes, not a simple place or person.

It’s human nature to want to belong. That’s why despite how shitty our families or homes may be at times, many of us, don’t leave.

When a house is broken, there are numerous ways to fix it - but many people dread breaking it down and building a whole new one the most. Because it’s costly, because it’ll bring changes, and because we don’t want to risk being uncomfortable during the time period where we are forced to transition to something brand new.

No one likes feeling out of place. But the second we start worrying about feeling out of place — it’s a sign that we already are.

Looking at this outfit with a mindset that have gotten used to Tokyo’s streets filled with people dressed in white shirts and black or navy pants/skirts — I really do feel out of place. These shorts are probably too short, and if the wind lifts up the back of my shirt, it’ll surely be an eyesore to everyone.

Tokyo reminded me a lot of New York. The hustle is the same, except everyone is the same as well too. The routine is so rigid. There’s so much order. And it feels like no one wants to even cross the street beyond the white crosswalk lines like children afraid to color outside of the lines.

I really didn’t miss New York, but I guess at least I don’t feel like I don’t belong here.

Top: Aritzia
Shorts: One Teaspoon
Accessories: Aritzia scarf

Photos by Sandra L.