September 26, 2015

It has been a rough month, at least, for my body. One of the main things that I constantly had to adjust was my sleeping schedule. It hasn’t been too long since I came back from Japan. And that, for me, was not only physically exhausting but also emotionally draining. Japan was 13 hours ahead so it took a few days for me to get used to the timezone there — and when I came back to the states, it took me forever to sleep like a regular human being again.

September started off more eventful than I had expected it to be this year, since it did felt kind of weird that I wasn’t starting classes again.Once I was getting back into the swing of it, NYFW came and swept me off my feet - and although it was insanely fun, it was extremely tiring! The fashion week schedule was s omething that came as a shock to me, and the number of my invites to shows and events were already at a minimum. The whole ordeal made me question numerous times through mornings when I had to be in the city by 8am - how some of these bloggers do this for an entire month straight from New York to London and Milan.

Without resting much, I started a new job right after NYFW week was over - and I’ve been holding back yawning non-stop throughout every single day so far. Still, with all of my complaining, this summer has been quite fruitful and I’m thankful that time is passing by quickly!

This is another summer post that I haven’t had a chance to share since Japan. And I still have a couple more to share before I start sharing my NYFW outfits and recaps as well. I’m honestly just dreading these posts since I just want to be able to layer and share my fall outfits instead!
Top: Aritzia
Pants: Aritzia
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Proenza Schouler PS11

Photos by Shun S.