Over The Knee, Over My Head

November 4, 2015


I went through a period of my life when sneakers, jeans and an oversized shirt or sweater would do. But this was way back in middle/high school, when my parents could barely afford rent each month. As a little girl who grew up wearing a different dress everyday before I moved to the States, this American Dream uniform didn’t really bother me since it was something different than I was used to.

The idea of wearing over the knee boots then would have been thrown completely over my head. Before these thigh high and over the knee boots were introduced, the to-go was ankle boots and knee high socks instead.

Maybe it’s because we’re all basically running out of ideas or getting lazier over the years - knee high boots seemed like they would be a more efficient replacement for the two steps process of wearing ankle boots with knee high socks. In reality though, it takes me about 20 more minutes to put on most over the knee boots as it take to do it the older, cheaper way.

Even so, being a part of this over-spoiled generation, I too, ditched the knee high socks with ankle boots thing, and acquainted myself with the update.

Jacket: Theory
Top: Aritzia
Shorts: Zara
Shoes: Aldo 'Olilassa'

Photos by Shun S.