February 8, 2016

It probably would have been better to say that my shoe decision was a lack of proper planning. I would be lying if I told you that the thought of going back home and changing out of these pink Miu Miu velvet slip-ons didn't cross my mind.

Despite the regret of getting a couple splatters of left over snow slush residue on them, I guess I'm stubborn enough to say I was glad I wore them anyway. Nothing like walking through Central Park during a huge snowfall and some people are more intrigued about how crazy you are for wearing inappropriate shoes instead of marveling at the beauty that's around.

I haven't read a full book probably since freshman year of college when I was naive enough to think I really could swallow all of these "required" materials on my syllabi. Until I discovered I didn't really need to unless it was something I felt like I wanted to know more of.

A friend recently suggested a book to me based on some of my past read favorites and I've been getting so into it. As someone who really dreads reading, I, for some reasons can't put down a good philosophy book. I find it extremely intimate to read about the way someone thinks and to try and see a small spectacle aspect of life through their thoughts.

I know I'm assuming that some of these people who stared at my shoes are thinking I'm crazy, but hey- what if they were just curious?

I guess I could have worn something different but I am someone who hates dwelling on decisions. If I want to wear something I'll wear it. If I want to do something I'll just do it. And if that makes me crazy then I kind of don't want to be sane.

Coat: Zara
Sweater: Acne Studios
Pants: Leather Leggings (similar here)
Accessories: Anine Bing Bralette, Pas De Calais Cashmere Scarf

Photos by Shun S.