In The Headlights

February 29, 2016

By now you’re probably so sick and tired of every single New Yorkers whose initial topic of discussion comes up to be something along the lines of “the weather’s been so crazy!”

As someone who’s been residing many years in this city, survived many winters and breezed through some torturous summers — I’ll never understand why when the weather is temperamental, we all act like deer in the headlights.

During Fashion Week, it rained, snowed and the temperature dropped to the lowest it has ever been through this year’s mild winter we’re having. On this particular day, I went out expecting the temperature to climb back up to its moderately predictable numbers, yet right after I came out of brunch, it started to snow.

Instead of talking more about the weather, we should somehow shift the conversation to how awesome New Yorkers are able to adapt to such fickle environments. I know — I’m probably not the best at this, but I’ve learned to at least try. For example, one of my favorite coats has to be a trench coat. It’s a coat that I feel is the epitome of Spring, perfect to set the tone for fall, a great cover-up alternative for short shorts in the summer, and a must-have layering piece for winter.

The saying goes, the only constant is change - and it is from this that I truly believe that despite everything that goes on, and how fast life might move — fashion is a constant that’s important in anyone’s life whether you care about it or don’t. And with or without proper preparation, something that I really do admire about the fashion of New Yorkers is that while we might seem like we're panicking, we're somehow always ready too.

I don't know about the deer where you are from, but the last time I had a car accident running into a deer in New York, it didn't really stop in the headlight, it left a dent in our rear door and kept running across the highway.

Coat: Aritzia (similar here)
Sweater: Jacquemus
Pants: J Brand
Shoes: Common Projects Originals
Bag: PS11 Classic Mini
Accessories: FOXIEDOX Bolero (similar here)

Photos by Shun S.