Forever At A Time

August 14, 2016

 Forever 21 Pre Fall Forever21 FOREVERVANNY Laced Up Top Forever21 FOREVERVANNY Laced Up Top Forever21 FOREVERVANNY Laced Up Top Forever21 FOREVERVANNY Laced Up TopForever21 FOREVERVANNY Laced Up Top Forever21 FOREVERVANNY Pre-fall
It’s really funny how things work out sometimes. Times where you’re not even aware that time’s passing by. Times where nothing really moves forward or backward. And times where everything happens all at once.

If I’m being honest, Summer isn’t half as bad as I make it seem like, but sometimes I’m too used to dreading it that I can’t seem to find any reasons to like it. As much as I prefer Fall over Summer, I always take for granted that I am able to twirl around in a pretty dress when my birthday comes around thanks to the appropriate no-pants-allowed weather.

When I had to shoot this outfit in 104 degrees for Forever 21’s Pre-Fall launch was when I realized how difficult the transition from Summer to Fall actually is. It was the first time I wore pants in the past month, and I can’t even imagine how much getting used to it I’ll have to bear in a couple more weeks when the temperature starts to drop. Yes, laced tops will probably continue to be seen everywhere but not sure how my nips will handle the cold breeze without a bra underneath (tmi?). Of course, I'll miss the mini skirts and short shorts, but I'm definitely excited for the long oversized/ruffle sleeves like the Forever 21 top I'm wearing here lazily tucked into classic black cropped jeans. Watch this space, to see how I'll be layering this in a couple months.

I just feel like I’m constantly in a long distant relationship with everyone and everything that I love. My boyfriend is halfway around the world. I see my best friend once a year. And Fall is always far away and fails to never stay long enough. Yet when I get to see my significant other, my best friend, and even fall - it seems like I could spend forever at a time with them.

Top: Forever 21
Pants: Forever 21
Shoes: Forever 21 (similar here)
Bag: Chanel WOC

Photos by Sandra L.
Styled by Van Le

This post is sponsored by Forever21 for Pre-Fall 2016