Hi, Hey, Hello, Hola.

September 26, 2016

It’s me.

Haha, get it?

There have been many times in the past few weeks or so that I wanted to share some of the thoughts that I often draft up in my notepad while on-the-go as I do for many of these blog posts that end up being published here. I know, my sentences can be quite a mess as I can’t decide between run-ons or incomplete clauses. Some people can easily wrap the unfinished up and claim it as something that’s supposed to be complete. I’m always contemplating about publishing a 5 paragraph post with a single image that meets my standards for this blog and accepts that it is what it is. But effortless shouldn’t be attempted literally. Yes, everyone tells me, don’t think about it too much. But what if too much is only just enough, for me?

I think too much about thinking too much that I forget how to say hello sometimes and respond to other people’s “thank you” with thank you as well. Does anyone else do that too? I promise it’s not because I’m nervous. One of the cool things I observed while I was in Barcelona this past week was, most people don’t really say “you’re welcome” either - “gracias” is often followed by either with gracias or simply acknowledged with “si.”

But in a way, that makes some sort of sense right? Since we would hope to hear “I miss you” back or “I love you", too.

A sign of acknowledgment is enough for certain, but definitely not for me. I like being reciprocated with the same amount of efforts, and many times I expect more - but that speaks to only the level of thoughtfulness I deem myself and my actions in how I say, and what I show.

In the past few weeks of my lack of presence here in my little corner of the internet universe, so much has happened, and so much I can’t wait to share both literarily and visually. Yep, I'm into floral prints now, and I'll probably be wearing it all Fall through Winter long. With that being said, if you’re reading this: I missed you, and I hope the feeling's mutual too.


Pants: Aritiza (similar here and here)
Bag: Celine
Accessories: Jennifer Zeuner Bar Necklace

Photos by Shun S.