All Recharged in Hong Kong

May 8, 2017

Callipygian Corset Top - All Recharged in Hong Kong /
Callipygian Corset Top - All Recharged in Hong Kong / FOREVERVANNY.comCallipygian Corset Top Hong Kong Cab - All Recharged in Hong Kong /

Hong Kong has been on my list of places that I needed to visit as of late. Mentally, I’ll be honest, things just haven’t been the best they could be for the past few months or so. New York City was getting dull, and I feel like I’m always in Tokyo these days. It was like my battery was at 20% and I was desperately in need of an energy outlet to recharge my mind.

When it comes to traveling, I love cities that are a mixture of old and new. While the thoughts are still fresh in my mind - here are a few things that made Hong Kong really memorable for me.

I won’t sugarcoat it, Hong Kong is quite intimidating. Even as an Asian person, some of the mannerism can really throw you off. People in Hong Kong will coldly tell you no, go away, and even shrug you off to your face, but don’t let that get to you. That’s just how it goes and keeps moving along here.

The people here don’t treat visitors like gods, unlike most places. If you can’t figure out how to order, your loss, and if you can comfortably get what you want, chances are you’re not in the right places.

If you’re lucky like I am, you’ll be able to find a lot of help though. Quite an introvert, I completely change when I’m traveling. You’ll be amazed at what a simple hello, how are you, and an interest to learn about someone else’s culture or life can open your experiences.

Straight off the airport, I hopped into a signature red and white Hong Kong styled taxi cab, not even knowing what area of the city that I was headed towards. I got comfortable and put on my seat belt (yes, even in the back of the car because it’s required by law here) and mustered up a little courage to ask my cab driver “it’s my first time here, what do you recommend I should do today?” To my complete surprise, he let out a quick chuckle and proceeded to say, “you asked the right person, I actually give tours in Hong Kong sometime!

The cab ride from the airport to my hotel was 40 min long and when I arrived, my taxi driver was a new friend, KC Chen.

These photos were actually possible because we ended up getting KC’s contact and he was kind enough to let us do a few shot with his ride when he came to take us back to the airport a few days later.

KC wasn’t the only friend I made, but I’ll tell you the rest in a few more Hong Kong posts to come.

Corset Tank: Callipygian / Opening Ceremony
Pants: Aritzia
Shoes: Common Projects

Photos by Shun S.