Catch My Drift

May 26, 2017

Beige Leather Jacket and One Shoulder Knit - Catch My Drift | FOREVERVANNY.COM
Beige Leather Jacket and One Shoulder Knit - Catch My Drift | FOREVERVANNY.COMBeige Monochromatic Leather Jacket and Knit - Catch My Drift | FOREVERVANNY.COM

I’m a pretty direct person so there’s rarely anytime when someone would really need to catch my drift. In fact, many people who know me will gladly agree that sometimes, it’s better if I spoke a few words less.

For someone who likes to stay in bed all day and finds comfort in having no plans whatsoever, I do enjoy talking a lot. And gets irritated when someone tries to have a conversation with me via text when it’s obvious that a call wouldn’t be of inconvenience at all.
Beige Leather Jacket and Knit Layers  - Catch My Drift | FOREVERVANNY.COMBeige Layers  - Catch My Drift | FOREVERVANNY.COM
Nicholas Kirkwood Flats  - Catch My Drift | FOREVERVANNY.COM

I’ve been in a long-distance relationship for the past two years, and “talking” verbally as opposed to “talking” via messages and texts have truly been trialed and tested purposefully. While I’m no self-proclaimed extrovert, I know for a fact that I really enjoy talking (yes I know I said this already). It works out perfectly that my boyfriend is more of a listener. It’s slow at times though, because his usual responses are quite articulate and it takes him at least 5 minutes to react to a small comment because he’s the kind of person that likes to process and think carefully about what he’s going to say before he utters a sound. It’s the worst when we’re having heated arguments and he’s over in a corner processing what to reply to my verbally abusive remarks (that I end up taking back after 2 hours anyway).

For someone like me who isn’t so careful with my words, and easily toss out my feelings orally, sometimes it makes me wonder if cheapens the way I communicate.

My writer’s voice is basically my tone in real life. You’ll be able to tell right away when I’m excited or bored. And as much as I’ve tried to learn to write well and more concisely, I somehow always end up with a lump of run-on sentences.

For a lot of people, who happens to have a fashion related site like mine, it’s usually a struggle for them to keep up with the content because of the lack of visuals as opposed to written materials. But it’s totally the opposite for me. I’ve had this post sitting in my draft for the past month or so with really nothing to say about it until now. I figure that this would somehow end up not getting posted ’til the middle of August and no one would care to even look at a sweater. But thankfully, it’s only the end of May and it’s surprisingly still sane to wear something like this outside in New York.

Jacket: Oak + Fort (similar here)
Sweater: Shopbop
Pants: Topshop
Shoes: Nicholas Kirkwood
Bag: Proenza Schouler PS11
Accessories: Fendi Bag Bug

Photos by Ying C.