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June 19, 2017

Orange Floral Kimono and Valentino Rockstud Flats - Thing To Wear /
Orange Floral Kimono Gold Jewelry - Thing To Wear / FOREVERVANNY.comTokyo Gold Architecture and Orange Floral Kimono - Thing To Wear / FOREVERVANNY.comWrapped Shirt Layered with Japanese Vintage Kimono - Thing To Wear / FOREVERVANNY.comVintage Japanese Kimono Orange Floral - Thing To Wear / FOREVERVANNY.comOrange Floral Kimono Tokyo Japan - Thing To Wear / FOREVERVANNY.comOrange Floral Kimono and Rockstuds - Thing To Wear /

Fourth trip to Japan going on fifth soon, and I’ve yet gotten the chance to put on a real kimono for myself. Maybe I’m just not ready for my Japanese boyfriend to see me in one yet - but who knows. I’m the kinda person that likes to wait for significant timing to do certain things. Ironic, given the fact that I’m also someone who would book a trip to Turkey just because it was convenient.

After each time I’ve left Japan and came back, I picked up a few more words. But that’s really about it. Without evening realizing, I’ve found myself a little more assimilated to the way Japanese women conservatively dress on this particular trip.

When I was in Japan last summer, it was the souvenir bomber jackets that was trending - making hunting a real vintage one a thrill. I never got to find the particular one that I wanted, and the ones that came close to what I was searching for costs about the same as a designer piece. Worth it? Probably yes — but not enough for the hype for my personal use.

One of the great things about working in fashion is that you’re always aware of what’s to come rather than what’s currently trending. According to ELLE, robes are going to be everywhere soon - and to be honest, if Zara is displaying 5 of something on their racks, you should know by now that that’s what's going to be hot soon since it's ripped right off runways from 3 months ago.

I’m actually not a big thrift shopper, mostly because of how I treat my personal clothing pieces. I never get rid of things because each piece is attached to some sentimental memory. So for me, buying someone’s old clothes is kind of an invasion of privacy (does that make sense?).

On a whim last May in Tokyo, I stopped into a thrift store along the rows of many others in Omotesando and came across racks on racks of reworked kimonos. The prices weren't outrageous at all for once, and this orange blossom of a patterned one stuck out to me right away. Did you know that "kimono" literally translate to "thing to wear?" For such a significant cultural clothing item, I find that it's even more alluring that it's so humbly named.

I actually didn’t plan for this outfit to turn out the way it did - but I thought it worked perfectly. I was already wearing a very Japanese wrapped shirt, paired with my typical laid-back boyfriend jeans, and made a little fancier for a possible date night dinner with some obnoxious studded flats. Somehow, the kimono eased itself on me and the boyfriend and I ended up spending 15 minutes walking around Omotesando after to relocated this golden and wood architecture of a gem to shoot this look.

Kimono:  Vintage (similar here)
Top:  /Style (similar here)
Pants:  GRLFRND Denim
Shoes:  Valentino Rockstuds
Bag:  Proenza Schouler PS11
Accessories:  Fendi Bag Bug

Photos by Shun S.