J.W Anderson Mini Pierce Bag Green Velvet

September 18, 2017


J.W Anderson Mini Pierce Bag Green Velvet Bag Review / FOREVERVANNY.comJ.W Anderson Mini Pierce Bag Green Velvet Bag Review / FOREVERVANNY.comJ.W Anderson Mini Pierce Bag Green Velvet Bag Review / FOREVERVANNY.comJ.W Anderson Mini Pierce Bag Green Velvet Bag Review / FOREVERVANNY.comJ.W Anderson Mini Pierce Bag Green Velvet Bag Review / FOREVERVANNY.comJ.W Anderson Mini Pierce Bag Green Velvet Bag Review / FOREVERVANNY.com
Before I start my usual honest breakdown of pros and cons about this J.W Anderson Mini Pierce bag in velvet, I want to clarify that this bag was actually a very generous gift from my boss to me for my birthday and not a purchase I made on my own. I'll be frank and say it now, before you read on, that I am actually not a huge fan of the larger version of the Pierce bag (mainly because it resembles the Chloe Faye quite a bit). I've been beating up my Proenza Schouler PS11 for the past few months, and although I wanted to give it a break, there wasn't really any other bag that caught my eyes. When I was in Europe last month, I thought about buying the Loewe Puzzle bag, but somehow, I didn't feel like I was too excited to get it. It has literally been sitting in my cart for the past 9 months or so (I know, I take forever to make a damn decision when it comes to purchases like these). If you're familiar with the J.W Anderson Pierce bag, you'll know that this is more on the trendy side versus classic. The price point for the large version of this bag isn't quite steep when compared to how much more this one actually costs. Before it even became available for pre-order I was already looking at multiple velvet bags. Something about fall approaching just made me wanted something with a different texture. When searching for velvet bags, I found that most were Gucci (and I actually haven't really been digging their later drops). I suddenly recalled this bag from the runway last season and begun frantically searching for it. Originally was going to go for the black one, but this green color was actually the reason why I decided I was going to get it (before my boss surprised me with it). At first glance, this doesn't look like a typical bag that I'd wear, but if you've been following me on Instagram, you'll know that I've been wearing this non-stop for the past few weeks. Because my wardrobe is so simple, a statement bag like this actually helps pull all of my looks together. If you're thinking about treating yourself to this bag as well, here are some things I love and do not love about it just in case you're looking for a reason to get or not to get:
  • I love the velvet texture of the bag. It's extra plush and soft in my hands when I'm just using it as a clutch without the chain.
  • I'm one of those people who doesn't like closing my bag so I really like that the metal pierce-circle serves as a heavy flap that keeps the bag closed. If you're one of those people who are concerned about always keeping your bag closed, this one might not be for you.
  • Another thing that makes the back stick out to me was the satin ribbons details. It's nothing new, but I love how it makes the bag feel quite unique.
  • I'm not a big fan of the accordion side flap bags, again - I'm one of those people who prefers a one compartment bag so I can just toss everything inside.
  • Although the bag is really green in person, in certain lighting, it looks close to black. It's the best of both worlds for me!
There aren't really many things I dislike about the bag, but more so concerns.
  • While the velvet is quite luxed, it does get dented a lot when rubbed too harsh against clothing. I've already noticed parts of the back of the bag getting slightly damaged.
  • The chain strap on the bag is pretty sturdy and polished, however, I've already started noticing that the gold plating is starting to chip
  • I'm not sure if each bag is unique, but I've noticed that my ribbon lengths for the bows are all different, and the OCD in me can't quite stand it. I'd recommend you going to an actual store and making sure that you're fully happy with the bag.
I hope that this was helpful, and I hope that you enjoy the change in photo styling for this J.W Anderson Mini Pierce Bag in velvet.
J.W Anderson Mini Pierce Bag Velvet