Feathered Pajamas

March 3, 2021

Feather trim pajamas set, ostrich feather trim pjs, party pajamas, Sleeper feathered trimmed pajamas set, fancy loungewear, vintage bathroom - FOREVERVANNY Style Blog by  Van Le
I bet you've heard of BYOB (bring your own bottle) before, but have you heard of BYOP? Yep, 'bring your own pajamas.'

Last week I took a quick trip upstate to Hudson Valley, New York with my girlfriend Christina and checked in for a couple of nights at The Maker Hotel. It is a well-curated property that was created with all of Hudson's community in mind. From their glassware used throughout the space, to even the wallpapers, the hotel did not miss any opportunities to collaborate and showcase some beautiful works of local makers from the area; hence the name of the place— The Maker Hotel. Along with all of that, the space is also a well-curated collection of the founders' treasures from all over the world. Each piece of decor and furniture were unique and had their own stories, yet somehow fit together so charmingly.

Christina and I had the rare opportunity to book out their 'Artist Room' which featured this old-glamour bathroom that was just calling for a luxurious and relaxing time. Taking a look at the photos in this place now, how could I not have bought these feathered trimmed pajamas to match this lovely bathroom?

I've had my eyes on these fancy pajamas for months now but really couldn't pull the trigger due to the price tag on them until recently. Thinking back, I really still can't believe that it's been one whole year since we started going into quarantine, and long are the days of travels and enjoying time outside the comfort of our own homes. I was in denial about the fact that it would take this long for things to even begin to return to normal again, so my loungewear and sweatsuit purchases are definitely behind.

Thinking about these photos now and how much joy I felt wearing these pajamas really hit home on how important loungewear has started to grow on me. It also made me feel a little more relieved to know that whatever fancy feathered trimmed pajamas I invest in going forward, I can just take them along with me to future travels and romanticize my life in whatever stunning bathroom I might come across, like this one, too.

Feathered-trimmed pajamas: Daily Sleeper (in blue)
Pearl Anklet: MAGDA BUTRYM (similar pearl option)

Photo by Christina L.
Shot at The Maker Hotel, Hudson Valley