Warm Winter Monochrome

December 20, 2021

By now you guys already know that the holidays aren't quite that cheery for me, but nothing helps me blend in like a good red lipstick. Since dressing for the holidays is also quite farfetched from how I actually feel, you'll probably see me in some kind of monochromatic ensemble like this one.

Though in just enough of the seasonal spirit, I did opt for a ruffle blouse I got earlier this year with a flowy pair of trousers for a small friends gathering. I picked up this simple cream jacket a couple of years ago, and while it isn't the warmest coat I have, it does well on milder winter days. I'm a sucker for textured pieces and I love how the diagnal ribbed detail on this white coat stands out from the rest of the look. For those who my relate to my holiday woes, I hope this monochromatic off-white outfit inspires you for any possible holiday events you might have. At least you can say that you're channeling the snow that might or might not exist where you are from.

Jacket: Zara, old
Top: SHUSHU/TONG Ruffle Cropped
White Trousers: Old, similar beige pair at Arket
Shoes: Common Projects
Bag: Yuzefi 'Dolores' via Toward

Photo by Shun S.