The Bushwick Collective, New York

September 22, 2014

A few weeks ago, Shun and I decided to grab our cameras and head out to Bushwick for a photo-adventure day. Buschwick actually features many new and extraordinary street art and becoming the new center of showcasing street art. Known as the Bushwick Collective, the area exhibits tons of graffiti stretched around a few blocks, and the site is relatively accessible from the city with just a L train ride away.

So on this particular day, we went on a photo-adventure, which is a date where Shun and I both shoot at a specific location for a whole day to find inspirations as well as practicing our photography skills. Most people often find themselves at the museum when it comes to checking out art, but for Shun and I, we look for musings on the streets. It's great that we both are into similar things, but this day in particular was supposed to make up for Shun missing out on 5 Pointz before it was all whited out. What I love about graffiti as opposed to art in a museum is that it can be very interactive and personal. I especially love how the viewer can easily become a part of the art work depending on how they're looking at it, or what angle they choose to take a photo of it from.

I hope that you enjoy these photos, as they reflect some of mine and Shun's favorite pieces from the Bushwick Collective. I recommend getting off the Jefferson Street train station if you're planning on seeing all of these murals. Nearby, there's a beautiful coffee shop called AP Cafe, and some pizza joints for you to rest your eyes and feet throughout your day.