Givenchy Antigona Beige Medium

January 3, 2015

Givenchy Antigona Medium Grained Leather Beige | Givenchy Antigona Medium Grained Leather Beige | Givenchy Antigona Medium Grained Leather Beige | Givenchy Antigona Medium Grained Leather Beige | Givenchy Antigona Medium Grained Leather Beige |
Givenchy Antigona in Medium Beige

Isn't she lovely?

I have been eyeing the Givenchy Antigona tote for a long time. I spent a lot of time researching this bag, and I've read a lot about it on PurseBlog Forums as well. As of lately, I've been really into smaller bags, however, when I saw the Antigona in this beige color, I knew she had to be mine. More than just a review of the bag, I just wanted to share my thought process in choosing this specific one since it is a huge investment piece. I believe the bag has been around since 2011 and it has been extremely popular since. While most bags go in and out of style each season, this specific bag shape has been popular with a variety of colors and textures. Unlike the most popular version of this bag, which shinier due to the fact that it's made from calf leather, this one had a grained texture since it's made from goat leather. I was really tempted to get this bag in black because I have an addiction for black bags, but because I have my Proenza Schouler PS11 in black with silver hardware, I knew I couldn't just get another black bag. In person, the color of this bag is much more muted, something that really fits me, since compared to the nude version of this bag in calf leather, it was just too shiny for me.

In trying to choose the right bag for me, the other two options I had in mind was the Saint Laurent's Sac De Jour and the Prada Saffiano Lux Double-Zip Tote (which happens to be bags of my two close blogger friends). What all three of these bags had in common ,that I was looking for, was structure, and how much space was available inside. The Prada Saffiano is definitely a classic and it is really beautiful when I saw it up close and personal, as the Saint Laurent; however, when it comes to size, these bags were just a little too big or small than what I was looking for. The Givenchy Antigona tote is about 12.5" in width by 11" in height compared to the Saint Laurent (small) which is 12.5" in width by 10" in height and the Prada Saffiano is 14" in width and 10" in height. Ideally, the Prada Saffiano Double-Zip Tote would have been perfect for me since I was looking for a bag that was great for future work purposes as well as travels. Seeing how high maintenance the leather of the Prada bag was despite it being Saffiano leather, I was drawn away from it. While I do try to take care of my bags and treat them well, I'm actually quite clumsy, therefore, I decided to go with the Antigona. The structure of the bag is extremely sturdy and the grained leather will not get damaged easily by my carelessness.

A few other things that I do like of the Givenchy Antigona over the other two bags is the wider and shorter strap. I didn't know how I would feel about it at first, but for such a big bag that I will probably stuff with my life, the wider strap really helps take off some of the weight. I also really like the big zipper; it makes it really easy to zip up even though I'm the type of person that leaves my bag open all of the time for easy access. Since I have really skinny arms, the top handle is actually perfect for me.

Before you go for this bag, I would highly suggest you reconsider a few things. For a bag this expensive, I was hoping that the lining would be a little more luxurious and I was also hoping that there would be metal on the feet on the bag so that it wouldn't get dirty so easily on the bottom. Because I'm around 5 feet 4 the wide strap of the bag is the perfect length to drop the bag right behind my back almost like a mini shoulder bag, but it would look really awkward if you are too tall or too short.

I hope this post was helpful for any of you looking into this bag since I haven't found many actual reviews on this bag in this color!

Have a wonderful weekend, and if you have an Antigona, I would love to know how old your bags are and what conditions they're in!