Monday, August 24, 2015


The title is a little misleading because I’m exactly the opposite of what you would consider a wallflower. I know, aside from the fact that I’m situated right in the middle of this flower bush - this has no relevance to what I wanted to talk about today.

And yes, I know I could’ve gotten away with wearing this shirt from Aritzia as a dress, but Japan made me put shorts on - just incase.

When it comes to expressing my opinions, I wouldn’t say that I don’t hold back. In fact, I hold back quite a lot - not because I’m scared, but sometimes it’s not worth it.

The misconception about people who don’t say much is that they’re intimidating or judgmental, but really though —sometimes people need to learn that opinions (baseless of facts) doesn’t always need to be challenged.

Similar to how sometimes your opinions are better kept to yourself, the same applies to gratitude. I think it’s important to express your gratitude - but there are a lot more ways to show how thankful you are, than constantly just saying it.

Remember, those who are truly humble, often aren’t the ones who go out of their ways to constantly remind you how humbled they are by Tweeting it or Instagraming a selfie with the hashtag 'blessed 'captioned.

So back to the thought about being a wallflower. Speaking less doesn’t mean you’re not as opinionated, and speaking loudly doesn’t always make you correct either.

Top: Aritzia
Shorts: Aritzia
Accessories: Fendi bag bug, Prada sunnies

Photos by Shun S.

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