Tough Lace

September 12, 2014

New York Fashion Week has always been crazy, but it shouldn't be anything less than that. It's more than just attending shows. Every fashion week, I always notice that people tend to dress, for a lack of a better words, dressier, than their usual self (and I'm guilty of this too). While I am envious of those whose every footstep is followed by a camera's shutter clicks because of how brightly they stand out on Lincoln Center's Pavillon in a sea of well-dressed others, I am extremely flattered when I get the rare, "excuse me, could I take a picture of you?" Regardless of whether my picture ends up in some online publication or anything, for that moment, I feel extremely humbled.
While the bright and glamorous tends to steal the show, balance is how I choose my outfits. I believe that balance is a core value of life and a value, that also applies to style. Balance sounds simple, yet, it's quite complicated. There's something quite pleasing and rewarding when you reach an equilibrium between two contrasting pieces of clothing. Almost like how an image has much more depth with the right composition; a skill that involves justifying the object to the background, in photography. In this particular outfit, I paired this dainty Wilfred CHIMÈRE CAMISOLE with a tough leather jacket just because, in my opinion, there's nothing that's sexier to me than a good combination of leather and lace. The leopard flats added to the feminine flare and also complimented the rich maroon color of my top. The fall feel of this look makes me that much more excited for the cooler whether to come.
For many people, fashion is just for show, however, for a vast majority of people, it's a reflection of who they are, including me. This is why it's that much more intimate when someone spots me in a crowd of colors and exaggerated patterns and prints, and sees something special about what I'm wearing. In the event of NYFW, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and as Bill Cunningham inspiringly puts it, "he who seeks beauty, will find it."
If you haven't already seen Bill Cunningham's documentary, then I highly suggest that you check it out. His love for life through his vision of fashion and style is truly amazing.

Leather Jacket: MANGO (old)
Top: Wilfred CHIMÈRE CAMISOLE - Aritzia
Pants: J Brand
Shoes:Dolce Vita 'Brigid'
Bag: Proenza Schouler PS11

Photos by Shun S.