Foxie, Fuzzy Feelings

October 18, 2014

FOXIEDOX Fur Vest via Nordstrom (c/o FOXIEDOX)

As the leaves in New York changes color, it's clear that fall is here and the year is that much closer to coming to an end. But just like the changing colors of the leaves, something else exciting is making its way to our favorite retailers in stores and online. I've partnered up with FOXIEDOX, a trendy but affordable brand that takes influence of New York's street style flares, to share some of the fuzziest pieces of their Holiday'14 collection that will go on sale as I share a new item every month starting with this month, November and December.

For the month of October, I'm featuring this furry vest that takes its name after the infamous Disney movie Bambi. The 'Bambi' Bolero vest is a one of a kind vest. Made, far from anything fur-real, it's plushness is incredible. As you can tell from the photos, I had an amazing time showing it around Central Park. The beautiful pattern of the vest calls for playing in the woods and pretending to blend in with nature. The fluffiness is beautiful on its own, especially when sun light seeps through each line of fur. The best part is, it kept my boyfriend close because he, too, was obsessed with how soft the fur was.

The vest is not only great in a dreamy field of flowers but it is also street friendly. Walking about the avenues of New York city, the vest grabs other's attention in the most subtle and warm ways. I received so many lovely compliments from strangers and lots of smiley stares. It's unbelievable that a faux fur vest can be this quality. And when a piece of clothing can make my day this good, it can definitely transform any closets too.

The vest is finally available today on Nordstrom and you too can grab one for yourself and we can start a fuzzy gang together, or you can participate in FOXIEDOX's exclusive giveaway.

You can win an exclusive outerwear piece from FOXIEDOX that have not been restock in any store yet, and also be featured on their IG by following FOXIEDOX on Instagram and posting an original picture on Instagram with the Bambi Bolero vest with the hashtag #FOXIEDOX. Submission close on 11/12/2014 and there will be 3 chances to win:

1. Be the 300th person to upload your styled photo of the Bambi Bolero vest
2. A best overall styled outfit
3. Be the 2282th follower of FOXIEDOX on Instagram

Photos by Shun S.