October 11, 2014

Not much of a fashion post, however, I just wanted to share some practice shots that Shun and I have been working on. As I look back at each of my posts, especially the ones all the way from 2 years ago, I just can't help but feel more and more motivated to step it up. What makes me happier is how enthusiastic Shun feels about photography now. In fact, we haven't had much posts because he's been taking the time to experiment and going over the basics of it. Not going to lie, he struggled with it so much in the beginning since it was one of those instances where I just threw my old D5000 at him and told him to figure it out. Not to mention, it was a full manual lens.

When I first started this blog, I took most of the photos on my own using just the self timer feature on my camera. Just like how I didn't plan on committing to a serious relationship at the time, I never would've guessed that Shun would play an important part in this blog as well. Nevertheless, the blog has given us so many opportunities for adventures, and we have never been more embarrassing in public as ever. Regardless of how far this blog might go, I will always be grateful to have someone to share my imagination with -- how often do you find someone that can put all your crazy, abstract, and discombobulated thoughts and ideas into something meaningful and beautiful?

Photos by Shun S.