French Quarter, New Orleans

December 21, 2014

I've dreamed of visiting New Orleans for about a year now. Being in New Orleans was almost like being in an attraction at Disney World Epcot. To say that every corner, thing or person in this place was Instagram-worthy is still such an understatement. More than anything, I was so thankful that Shun was able to come along and experience the place for the first time with me. To keep it short since I've shared most of my trip on Instagram already -- 

I stayed at a hotel near Jackson Square called Hotel Royal (one of the best hospitality I've ever gotten at a hotel).

I ate multiple times at Royal House (a must eat if you're looking for trying the best of New Orleans all in one menu). I also visited Stanley (a lovely brunch spot), Cafe DuMonde, SoBou (must try at this gastropub is their yellowtail fin cones with avocado ice cream), and Eats.

I hope you guys enjoy this post, and if you ever have the chance to go, I really encourage you to visit this magical southern place!