NYC Hustle

June 30, 2015

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In New York, everyone is always in a rush. Some even feel the need to be in a rush. Aside from always rushing because I'm already late, I prefer to take my time. People in New York are always rushing to make the train, a meeting, and even for the exits. Maybe it's to keep up with their physical pace, but I've noticed many of them rush to pursue their goals and dreams too. There's this mentality of the hustle here that is both admiring and scary at the same time. We're living in a period of time where 60 year olds are eager to going back to school, yet there are 20 some-things racing to be the richest person on Earth or first person to (fill in the blank) --ready to stop living before they even live. What's the rush? As I get older and the more people I meet here, I start to understand why a lot of people actually have a hard time finding love in this city that never sleeps, quite ironically. You see, New York is great and all, but somehow for me, there's something that's missing. If you're lucky enough to live in a place where your neighbor says good morning to you as you walk out for work, then make sure you never move. I guess it's because each and everyone is so on guard, so driven, and so eager to reach their own personal goals and dreams here that they tend to close themselves off from any sort of distractions, including investing in genuine relationships. While that determination is something to praise, I just can't help but always wonder "is it necessary?" This city keeps me on my toes for the next best person I will meet, and sometimes, worst. It's amazing to think, what's so enticing about this city that we would give it all up for the sake of pursuing of our dreams/goals? I want to live in a place where goals are simple. Dreams aren't fulfilled by how much your salary is or what position you occupy in your company. I wish I could prove that happiness is sacred and it's still the greatest success anyone can ever achieve. But I don't think I can ever prove that by living in New York. At the same time, I love this city to death, and I don't know where else I'd go to nest, even if I wanted to get out. And that's how New York gets you. Those lights will surely change you. And you'll always be too busy, working, rushing, and chasing to even think about what will happen to you if you weren't here.
Top: Zara (similar here), Banana Republic (on sale!) Pants: Brandy Melvile (similar here) Shoes: Nicholas Kirkwood Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim Accessories: Mom's Vintage Rings Photos by Shun S. & Sandra L.