Summer Olive

July 7, 2015

Summer Olive Givenchy Antigona Beige /
Summer Olive Givenchy Antigona Beige / FOREVERVANNY.comSummer Olive Givenchy Antigona Beige /

Summer's pretty much half way through and I've yet to break out the short shorts. And if you're curious as to why I'm in pants, it's not because it's not hot enough but rather I have trust issues with the weather man.

Some day I'll wake up and it's beautiful for a few minutes and then it'll start pouring -- and other days I think I'm going crazy for wearing a sweater in the middle of this so-called-summer.

Having to dress for chillier weather always makes me think of fall, so I've been wearing olive/khaki pretty much every other day. Plus it goes really well with my beige Antigona.

I hope you enjoy this fresh take on an olive color look for the summer --in the meantime, I hope wherever you are, the weather isn't emotionally affecting you too.