Uncommon Common

July 21, 2015

suede scallop skirt forevervanny
suede scallop skirt forevervannysuede scallop skirt forevervannysuede scallop skirt forevervannysuede scallop skirt forevervannysuede scallop skirt forevervanny
We all have our own ways of being provocative. It doesn't have to be sexual and it doesn't even have to be intentional. But I think that if you're not provoking someone with new ideas, and thoughts, whether or not they might be in agreement or disagreement with you, then you need to reevaluate your message. I've always been straight forward with what I want and who I want. There's nothing more empowering then knowing what you want and demanding it (when you deserve it, of course). And knowing when you deserve something is a form of being provocative as well, because you'll never know who will try to bring you down. These days, it seems as though the trend for influencers and celebrities is to somewhat be the uncommon common -- to be relatable but still extra-ordinary. To present themselves in provocative ways whether it be through fashion, music or any other creative outlets but still channel the vibe that you can "sort of" sit with them too. Often times, while curating and creating content for the blog, I've found myself really confused about where I stand and the messages that I want to express through the visuals as well as the writing. It's hard, with all these noise - and even tougher when the quality of your ideas are limited by someone else's length of attention span. Because, ultimately what's the scale to measure whether or not you deserve someone's full genuine attention?
Top: T by Alexander Wang Skirt: ASOS (in tan here) Shoes: Common Projects Bag: Proenza Schouler PS11 Photos by Daisy O.