November 30, 2015

There are a bunch of traits about me that I don't mind, but I wouldn’t say that I'm proud of, either. Being late is one of them.

I've always hated the idea of waiting; that's why, I never really bothered to arrive on time. Okay, there are occasions where I have tried to be early, but that's only 25% out of like all the other times. And even those times, I barely make it, or get lucky.

I know the importance of being punctual, yet I've failed numerous times to actually prioritize it.

Ever since I started my full time job, I've gotten used to the routine of being on time. Time, to me, has never been more valuable-- as I literally have no personal time or space throughout my entire day and week.

I like that work has been filling up my life with this appreciative and fulfilling feelings. But I just haven't gotten the chance to find balance for it all.

More than being on time I've gotten used to the idea of being early. I enjoy getting up an hour earlier than usual, get ready, and leave an hour earlier than usual. To grab a coffee, to take a walk, to see my boyfriend before work and most importantly to arrive at work without feeling rushed. Try it!

As you might have realized from my previous post, having enough personal time and space is really important to me. It's super hard for me to focus on other tasks if there are things I wanted to check off my to do list still left to be done. I'm kinda old fashioned that way. Always making a list and writing the same thing down over and over again until I don't have to be reminded of it anymore.

You might be wondering if "morning Van" gets tired. Of course I do! But it's a really good kind of tired. Like the feeling some get from going on a run before work, or hitting the gym before starting the day. Yes I'm tired, but I also feel productive, fulfilled and accomplished and it's much better than feeling tired and useless. Hence, got this blog post shot on a Wednesday morning so that I can enjoy the weekend without worrying about not having content to post.

Trench: Aritzia
Sweater: & Other Stories
Pants: Citizens of Humanity
Shoes: Chanel Espadrilles
Bag: Givenchy Antigona
Accessories: Aritzia Scarf

Photos by Shun S.