December 16, 2015


I don't usually wear dresses, but when I do, it's probably not with heels. Maybe it's because I've gotten used to my tomboyish ways or maybe it's because I prefer the comfort, either way, it puts me at ease knowing we live in a time when there's no rules about what girls should be wearing with their dresses.

As someone who sucks at braving the cold, sweater dresses are my savior. I like dresses that don't reveal too much. The ones that I can just roll up in bed with, hence my obsession for shirt dresses in the summertime.

It's not usual of me to wear something so form fitting, as I grew up constantly reminded that I actually don't really have any "form" (thanks for letting this A-cup know, mom). But then again, when was I ever fitting into forms anyway. The way the trumpet hem of this dress broke all fitting forms' norms, was like how I broke whatever shape it was that I was meant to fit into. Unusual, but embracive.

Speaking as the leader of the itty bitty committee, I'll be the first to admit that having small boobs sucks. It really limits the amount of cute bra-less things you can try to fill into. Thankfully, having a flat chest has made me appreciate other parts of my body, or any body in general. Like shoulders, collarbones and the silhouette of backs. So yeah, here I am, with the best of both worlds - mermaid-like and bearing my back yet again in this somewhat magical and traumatizing month of December when the weather still feels barely Fall.

Dress: Nastygal
Shoes: Common Projects
Accessories: Larsson and Jennings watch, Tatum Bradley cuff

Photos by Shun S.