Navy With Care

April 22, 2016

To care is a form of effort that to me, means more than any grandeur gestures or kind deeds. Quite frankly, before 'I love you's, I'd much prefer 'I care about you's.

But lately, I feel myself slowly not caring --anymore, as much, or enough, for some reasons. I don't remember when this started, nor can I recall why -- but I guess that's the thing, do you ever really know the reasons why you care deeply about something? It's overwhelming when there are so many things to care about, but, I feel empty when there isn't much to hold onto to get up in the morning.

I feel spoiled, in a way, when I ramble about this topic. My mom would probably not have it, as she would tell me to stop being ungrateful and just focus on my work and goals. It must be a generational thing as I grow more and more impatient with my own expectations of myself, realities, and the struggles to communicate my experiences to people of my age or older.

I feel a lack of loyalty among the people that I'm friends with, work for, and even myself as I'm constantly changing as a person too. At the end of the day, I probably just care too much with an I don't give a f**k attitude, if that makes any sense.

When it comes to fashion, there are just way too many people who claim that they are "passionate" about the industry yet they're so misinformed. I guess people get confused between their love for having nice things versus their love for fashion. It really frustrates me when someone dictates whether something is nice based on what brand it's from or justify dressing "low and high" by decking themselves out in fast fashion clothing and a high-end bag. Whatever happened to taking the time to learn about why a trend emerges and what designers are responsible for these creative innovations. Everyone invests in a bag, but no one seems to want to invests in a great blouse, a great pair of jeans or a great coat to wear year after year anymore. People just want new things to wear, to stay on trend, but does anyone even care about fashion the way they can shamelessly say they do nowadays?

I don't know, but lately, new clothes don't excite me much. I guess I still care about fashion, but I'm extremely bored of the community and how shallow everything feels. It's easy to put on something new for the first time and be eager about wearing it out, but I've been more enthusiastic about being able to come up with an outfit to wear with my core pieces and updating some of my classic go-tos. Here are a couple of new things (in a very long time) that I've incorporated into my limited rotating rack of clothes - a navy knit cardigan and a pair of mid rise blue jeans with the perfect slit details by AMO.

Sweater: Oak + Fort
Top: J.Crew
Pants: Amo Denim
Shoes: Valentino
Bag: Proenza Schouler
Accessories: Fendi

Photos by Shun S.