Zimmermann Eyelet

May 9, 2016

Spring is like that weird puberty stage everyone had to go through yet not realizing as we pass through it. Not to mention it is also my least favorite season after summer and winter. Aside from those rare days when it's perfect leather jacket or sweater weather Spring's just okay. I guess Spring doesn't indicate as much wardrobe changes for me than it does for others-- so don't count on seeing any floral patterns/prints on me anytime soon.

By now you should know the drill-- I wear my whites all year round and I'm pretty good at finding new ways to wear old things, hence this casual outfit. I love investing in pieces that come back season after season. It makes me happy knowing the holes left in my pockets for these purchases aren't filled up with post purchase regrets or afterthoughts.

Around this time last year, I was prancing around Capri in this top, and wearing it now brings back such good memories and it just makes this top even more special for me. Zimmermann has been top of my list for delicate laces and silhouettes (like this and this). I can't even begin to express my love for some of their dresses, but for now, this top will suffice.

Top: Zimmmermann
Pants: Amo Denim
Shoes: Nicholas Kirkwoods Bag: Givenchy (similar here)
Cardigan: Club Monaco (similar here)

Photos by Shun S.