Bring Back Gingham

May 23, 2016

Matter 'fact, just wear if you feel like it.

The last time I was in Japan was August 2015. Despite the photos that I shared during that couple of weeks, it was one of the most exhausting oversea trips I've ever taken. The thing about any Asian countries during the summertime is that the weather is extremely hot, humid, and at some point, hazardous for someone whose immune system is as weak as mine.

If you're wondering why Japan is full of these vending machines - my best bet is to keep everyone hydrated during these summer months.

This time around, Japan was much more bearable - and in a way felt more home-y. Maybe it's because that's just the feeling you get after being so uncomfortably acquainted with some place - or someone - it leaves a deep impression on you.

That's why for me, second chances are so important - but only if deserved.

When it comes to fashion, trends too, have the same effect on me.

At first, gingham would never have been something I would consider fashionable. It reminded me of picnic blankets, farmer's shirts underneath their overalls as uniform, and most nightmare-ish, my grandma's obnoxious kitchen tablecloths (love you grams, but hated those).

Because of these distinctively gross childhood associations with gingham, I guess, that's why it always haunt me. Gingham is also probably the last thing that's trending right now, but ruffles are having a moment, and I love how it gave this top some life. I guess one of the reasons why fashion always keeps me on my toes is the fact that I'll just never know what and who will be given a second chance.

Top: Intermix (extra 40% off)
Pants: A Gold E
Shoes: Common Projects
Bag: PS11 Mini Classic
Jacket: Mango (old, similar here)

Photos by Shun S.