Nonchalant in Sacai

June 1, 2016

Being casual is the new cool. And effortlessness is the new classy. Yet as far away as I am from primped and polished in this outfit, there's something about comfort that puts me at ease.

Being in Japan is a great reason to just nonchalantly be you. One of the aspects of Japanese culture that's truly intriguing is while there are a lot of restrictions, there are also a lot of subcultures that exist to suit the needs of those who don't exactly fit in with the rest; namely, the designer of these boots that I’m sporting.

Chitose Abe founded Sacai in 1999, and since have earned her place in the fashion industry by uniquely being both the CEO and designer of her brand (which is uncommon for most labels as well-praised and established). I guess one of the reasons why she belongs in a category of subcultures for me is probably the fact that while most Japanese women are expected to be stay- at-home wives/moms, she, in a way calmly started her business and maintained that throughout the expansion of her brand.

Hey, if slow and steady wins the race, I’m sure nonchalantly doing your own thing is something to consider too.

Sweater: Acne Studios
Dress: Thakoon Addition (similar here, here and here)
Shoes: Sacai (on sale)
Bag:Proenza Schouler PS11 Mini

Photos by Shun S.