'93 Babe*

June 14, 2016

Life’s all about balance. Classical with a side of trap. Salad with a can of coke. Humble with a hint of Kanye.

And sometimes you go all tomboy with your hair curled up and your neck decked out in lace and that’s ok.

One of the things about growing up in the Bronx that I cherish most is my ability to be versatile. No bubble, no circle, just full exposure to anything and anyone. Learning to walk around without getting myself into trouble. Growing a thick skin towards stereotypes but knowing better to not let ignorance define who I am.

Being a '93 baby growing up in my area meant Pepe Jeans, South Pole, and Dickies pants, and the must have low and hi-top Air Force 1s that turn yellow after a couple weeks. Recess meant double dutch to Alicia Keys and Usher, sitting in the shade talking about the latest Hey Arnold episodes. No typical Asian Tamogachi or Nintendo Gameboys for me, just legos (which in my opinions were just as cool) and Saturday afternoons were spent at the library playing Neopets.

People are all about their characteristics. Yes, you can learn to be kind, honest, and intelligent. But authenticity is backed up by experiences not what’s on paper. A kind person can also be selfish. An honest person can also lie and some people might not turn out like who they seem on social media.

I took an Uber home the other night and the driver goes, "you don’t look like you would live in this neighborhood," I chuckled and said, "I was raised here" --and he gave me a head nod. Haha.

Sweater: BAPE Japan
Pants: Zara
Bag: Chanel
Accessories: Lace Choker

Photos by Shun S.