June 18, 2016

For someone who prefers green grapes over red ones. Chardonnay over Merlot - I sure do make an exception for wine colored dresses.
Space is important for me, in terms of personal physical space, work space, social space, creative space, and just space to be alone in general. My wardrobe is pretty much a reflection of my daily habits and who I am, hence making space for a dress that's deep burgundy means that it must be something special (bravo, Magali Pascal).

A little color in my life is at times necessary to break up certain routines that I inevitably fall into due to comfort.

If you know me, you'll know that I hate a clean background. To fill up the negative white spaces - I created a mirage-like photo-weave with some outtakes that would usually not make it to the blog. It's been a while since I've done some post processing to my photos, so I hope that you guys enjoy this series.
Dress: Magali Pascal
Shoes: Sacai
Bag: Celine

Magali Pascal AW'16 Collection 'Phoenix Shirtdress in Burgundy'
Shot by Sandra L.
Photoset inspired by Molly Dickson 'Coney Island' 2014