Couch Florals

August 9, 2017

Couch Florals Tied Sleeves Top - Couch Florals / Couch Florals Tied Sleeves Top - Couch Florals / Salvatore Ferragamo Belluno Flower Heel - Couch Florals / Couch Florals Tied Sleeves Top - Couch Florals /
I have a hate love relationship with everything that’s trending lately. As much as I’ve tried to ignore florals, they’re just somehow creeping up in my wardrobe one after another.

Of course, the term ‘couch florals’ is coined to summarize up prints that feel a bit more vintage - and I couldn’t help but title this post ‘Couch Florals’ because it reminded me of this flower-printed couch that my parents got when we first moved into our New York apartment.

Lots of good memories on that couch, like the time my childhood friend and I would use it as our stage and sing our grades school hearts out to Usher’s ‘My Boo.’

I guess the thing with what you want and don’t want, as I realized growing older, is that life doesn’t really let you choose, but it gives you just the option to make the best of it or not. And memories, especial dear ones, hold them close. So that when you are forced to reconcile with what you hate, you have something that keeps your heart soft.

Top:  Topshop via Nordstrom
Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo
Bag: Proenza Schouler PS11 Mini Classic
Accessories: Fendi Bag Bug

Photos by Sandra L. and Christina L.