August 14, 2017

L'Academie Floral Top with GRLFRND Jeans / Gold /
L'Academie Floral Top with GRLFRND Jeans / Gold / FOREVERVANNY.comL'Academie Floral Top with GRLFRND Jeans / Gold / FOREVERVANNY.comL'Academie Floral Top with GRLFRND Jeans / Gold / FOREVERVANNY.comL'Academie Floral Top with GRLFRND Jeans / Gold /

Everyone somehow confuses me for someone who’s “minimal” because of how selective I am about the things I choose to own and wear. Living in a big city doesn’t allow you to have much because your apartment bedroom is the size of a regular closet compared to 80% of other cities in the world with exception to Tokyo or Hong Kong and a few other cities I’ve yet been to.

They said traveling teaches you a lot, and while that’s true — travel also changes the way you live and your perception of personal belongings and their values. Material wise, gold has always been the standard monetary currency for centuries, but that’s relatively no longer true. At one point, you were highly regarded in the bubble of social media if your ‘aesthetic’ was minimal - but that’s all b*llshit to me, and you all know that.

To be honest, I really have no idea where this blog has been going these days. At times I find the outfit I’m wearing quite generic, and I really miss creatively thinking about how to style things. The more I force myself to blog, and document these outfits and photos, the more I’m confused as to whether what’s my personal style is anymore. But while I’m lost, I’m telling myself that I’m still finding my way, especially when I recognize that there’s something about this and that, that I don’t feel fits me.

So yeah, you might be thinking - floral top with cutout shoulders AND ruffles AND a metallic gold pair of shoes? Are you even on the right blog? Well, welcome to one of the outfits in which I too surprised myself I walked out of the house with.

Growing up, my mother has always taught me this one saying real gold does not fear the test of fire. And as I’m turning 24 this month, this statement’s meaning becomes more refined for me. It’s a saying about being true to yourself and testing yourself over time because adversities are what makes you better in your very own ways. As a shoe person, I just couldn’t help but gift my self a gold pair of shoes that’ll walk me through to some bigger travel adventures this coming year.

Top: L'Academie
Accessories: Daisy Studs (similar here)

Photos by Hardy T.