012018 / Welcome To My Space Journal

January 31, 2018

See By Chloe Snow Boots and Green Wool Coat / FOREVERVANNY.com

For as long as I could remember, what I considered a ‘complete’ blog post consisted of the usual 5-6 images and a blurb. Of those images, one would be a full-body horizontal, vertical, a close-up shot of some detail about my outfit, and if I’m lucky, there’ll be a really good portrait of myself (totally irrelevant to my outfit) - honestly, you know exactly what I'm talking about. The written portion has generally been something I've taken more seriously than the visual sometimes. I've shared things that are personal, spilled raw feelings and thoughts, along with so many other remarks that would probably make me want to shove my feet in my mouth if I were to re-read some of my older pieces.

Thinking back, I don’t know how I went a good 3 or 4 years of my life never really questioning this standard of a format. But I guess somehow, my brain knew far earlier than I ever did, that it was all too unnecessary - which resulted in me leaving this space high and dry, for weeks and months at a time.

Maybe it’s my nostalgic side kicking in, but I really miss the journal aspect of having something called a blog. So I’m trying out this new thing I thought up to keep myself a little more sane.

For the months coming, rather than putting myself through these “shoots” and hours after spent sorting and filtering a million photos to share a generic ‘post’ about my outfit that you’ve already probably seen three other times on Instagram-- I want to recap the things I wear on a monthly basis to give you an idea of how I mix and match the pieces in my rotating wardrobe. Not only will this be a great way of documenting my outfits to review but I hope that it will serve as a testament to my core belief of investing in pieces that have longevity in your wardrobe.

And maybe on the nights that I can't seem to fall asleep - I'll jot down the thoughts that are keeping me awake here too.

Coat: Mute by JL
Beige Leather Jacket: Oak + Fort
Sweater: Tularosa / Revolve
Pants: GRLFRND Denim / FWRD
Shoes: See By Chloe
Bag: Proenza Schouler PS11 Mini

Photos by Shun S.

January 1, 2018
Maison Margiela Double Face Oversized Coat and Velvet Boots / FOREVERVANNY.com

After years of procrastinating on investing in a real coat - I finally pulled the trigger on a coat worth a whole vacation while simultaneously telling myself that I'll be better about my finances *this year*.

I have to admit though - it felt quite satisfying when I was able to wear this coat just over a shirt out in New York City when the temperature was below 8 degrees F. My poor boyfriend, on the other hand, was shivering in 2 layers of pants and 3 layers of knits plus his overcoat.

Oversized Coat: Maison Margiela / Farfetch
Top: Tibi
Pants: AGOLDE Denim
Shoes: M. Gemi
Bag: Proenza Schouler PS11 Mini

Photo by Shun S.

January 8, 2018
Asos Cable Knit Dress and Alpha Industry Jacket with See By Chloe Snow Boots / FOREVERVANNY.com
Adulting is quite depressing - but exciting at the same time. Because you and your friends never get to see each other anymore because of work, you decide to meet up for brunch on the coldest day of the year, also hailed as the day of the 'Bomb Cyclone.'

I have no idea what prompted me to not wear pants, but I definitely did alarm a few people who cared enough to call me out via social media about it. To be fair, the MTA in New York is always a headache, and I opted for a car service --so, I barely had any exposure to the air aside from taking these photos.

Speaking of dire weather and dreadful snowstorms, this is the first year where I've also owned proper snow boots so, it's only right that I wear them as much as possible throughout this month.

Asos Cable Knit Dress and Alpha Industry Jacket with See By Chloe Snow Boots / FOREVERVANNY.com

Jacket: Alpha Industries
Sweater Dress: Asos
Tights: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: See By Chloe
Bag: Proenza Schouler PS11 Mini

Photo by Christina L.

January 12, 2018

H&M Suede Moto Yellow Jacket and GRLFRND Denim / FOREVERVANNY.comVintage Magazine Gucci / FOREVERVANNY.com
On the way home from work today, I stumbled across this lovely little magazine store. In New York, there are several of these - but none as cozy as this one. I poked my head in to take a quick look and chatted a bit with the shop owner. I asked if he minds if I took a photo, and to my surprise, he didn't.

I told myself I'd be more independently creative this year, and so it was the perfect timing to capture a quick self-portrait. It's a bit rusty, but I'll get back in the hang of it soon.

Yellow Suede Moto: H&M
Turtleneck: Zara
Pants: GRLFRND Denim
Shoes: Common Projects
Bag: Celine


Navy Maison Margiela Oversized Coat NYC / FOREVERVANNY.com
Navy Oversized Maison Margiela Coat NYC / FOREVERVANNY.com
January 14, 2018

I captioned this one: "Breaking in this Margiela by sweeping some sidewalk dirt."

And it was exactly that. I've always been a sucker for satirical writings, and any juxtaposing forms of expression of art. As someone who's quite invested in sustainable and ethical efforts in the fashion industry - high-low to me was less so of mixing Forever21 and Celine, but more so of Maison Margiela wiping dirty streets and subway seats.

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you’ll know my slight obsession for the lesser appreciated scenes in New York City — such as scaffoldings, trash-filled corners, and grungy streets. Maybe it’s because I was raised in the Bronx, that fancy high-rise buildings with polished windows just don’t feel like what represents home for me. If I ever get the chance, I’ll show you what the bodegas and laundromats in my borough look like this year.

Oversized Coat: Maison Margiela / Farfetch
Cropped Sweater: Topshop
Pants: J Brand Jeans
Shoes: Common Projects
Bag: Loewe Puzzle Bag

Photo by Minnie K.

January 28, 2018
Rhinebeck, New York

When December hits in all the previous years, I always think back and somehow feel like so many weekends are wasted. I always tried to rationalize my time and budget on bigger trips - but I end up always feeling like I've wasted a lot of time in between too. This year, one of my biggest goals is to go on a trip at least once every month; even if it's just a short trip upstate.

Luckily for me, I have someone in my life who shares this exact goal - and so you'll be seeing a lot of Christina for the next few months or so.

To close off what feels like a neverending January, Christina and I spontaneously decided that we were going to head upstate for some R&R time as well as ice skating. We came across this beautiful architectural Airbnb and once we booked it, we knew that it was going to be an amazing weekend.

United Arrow Speckled Sweater and GRLFRND Denim Ice Skating / FOREVERVANNY.com
To be quite honest, I was really worried about getting on the ice again, since it's been 3 years from the last time I tightly laced up these ice skates to my ankle. Nevertheless, it was like not riding a bike for a while, and discovering you haven't forgotten how to balance. 2 hours gliding around brought Christina and I lots of laughs, and thankfully no rough falls.

It was incredible to skate at the Mohonk's Mountain House Pavillion as the rink's open view was a frozen lake. I don't remember the last time I cheesed this much in any of my photos.

Sweater: United Arrows JP
Pants: GRLFRND Denim / FWRD
Shoes: Paragon Sports Ice Skates

Photo by Christina L.

Rhinebeck New York Architectural Airbnb/ FOREVERVANNY.com
Architectural Airbnb Rhinebeck NYC / FOREVERVANNY.comArchitectural Airbnb Rhinebeck NYC / FOREVERVANNY.com

Life away from the city always seems so ideal. We took the next morning quite slowly, sleeping without an alarm clock (honestly, if this isn't luxury, then I have no idea what is anymore) and somehow ended up at a cute cafe called Bread Alone for breakfast before 10 am. It was indeed one of the easiest Sundays I've had in a long time that wasn't me laying in my bed refusing to look at my phone to see all the missed texts or gatherings that I'm missing out on.

Two days sure sounds short when it's a combined seven letter words but for us, it was all we needed to recharge for all the adventures to come.

Shirt: Tibi
Turtleneck: Tularosa
Pants: AGOLDE Denim
Earrings: Faeber Studio 'Qui Hoops' / Tictail

Photo by Christina L.

Architectural Airbnb Rhinebeck NYC / FOREVERVANNY.comArchitectural Airbnb Rhinebeck NYC / FOREVERVANNY.comArchitectural Airbnb Rhinebeck NYC / FOREVERVANNY.com

Faeber Studio

Gold Hoops Faeber Studio NYC Earrings Architectural Airbnb Rhinebeck NYC / FOREVERVANNY.com

This month, I also discovered a new jewelry brand called Faeber Studio through a quick meeting with the lovely people at Tictail Market. I was immediately drawn to these unique hoops, as I've been already on the hunt for a pair of gold ones lately. After learning more about the designers and how these are digitally modeled and then handmade in New York, made them even more special to me.

Not a bad start to 2018. See ya soon Feb.