Scandinavian Barn Airbnb, Germantown, New York

August 25, 2021

Making up for lost time, earlier this summer, me and two of my closest girlfriends decided to take a trip upstate to spend a little 'R and R' time together. We came across this stunning Airbnb listing in Germantown with stunning decor and a beautiful view of the Catskill. Right then and there, we quickly made our reservation and were off to the trip a couple of weeks later.

We booked the property for a 3-days and 2-nights stay, which was just the perfect amount of time. As always, I was the one out of all of us to overpacked for a weekend getaway because I bought 3 different summer dresses and 2 other casual outfits that I totally didn't even get to wear. By now, I'm sure you're all familiar with how much I love linen- so true to myself, I repeated two of these Sleeper dresses back to back.

On the first day, the girls and I spent most of our time making a big lunch, tanning, and we even set up a little picnic by the dock that also was part of the location. I didn't get a good photo of me in this swimsuit I bought specifically for this girl's trip, but I think regardless of where you're going in the summer, packing one never hurts! Later that evening, I threw on this lemon yellow dress for the picnic with the most darling sleeves (they also came in handy for protecting my arms from mosquito bites- we are all city girls after all).

I saved my most versatile dress for the last day. I love how this one easily looks like it could pass for loungewear, but better, and still appropriate for going out. I spent the morning making some coffee for the girls in this lovely kitchen while they were off on a morning run. This kitchen and the view was absolute bliss and I now dream of having one that faces such a view sometime in my life.

The weekend flew by really quickly and though this post is much shorter than my usual travel recaps, it goes to show how disconnected from my phone and camera I was and I was fully present and enjoying my time with my girls in the most beautiful place. For a recap in motion, see this.

Wearing both dresses by Sleeper (yellow linen one) and (white linen one) with a new bag addition from Yuzefi.
Airbnb Listing by Martina's Place (Instagram)