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April 6, 2018

Burberry Scarf, New York City Style / FOREVERVANNY.com

Burberry Scarf, Beige Wool Coat, Camel Outfits, New York City Style / FOREVERVANNY.com
A lot happened in March - now that I look back and review it all. I finally said 'see you later, New York' after the past few years losing sight of what I was meant to do there. Don't get me wrong, New York will always be home - but for now, I needed a new space to grow.

I don't know how it all came together within two weeks, but as you know from the previous post, everything that took place during NYFW was the final trigger for me to move on.

Looking for an apartment in Tokyo was quite stressful for a foreigner, but luckily I had a Japanese boyfriend and that made the whole process so much easier than I imagined. Moving into my very own place felt surreal, to say the least - and I was that much more excited to be in the same place with my longtime boyfriend again after 2 and a half years of long distance. We'll see how it goes-- (he's neater and I'm a mess).

Making the decision to drop everything and moving to a new country sounds thrilling for some people, it did too, for me - until I was about to hop on the plane. After seeing and speaking to some friends who encouraged me that this was an exciting time in my life - I still couldn't help but feel like it wasn't okay for me to be anxious despite literally not sleeping and packing until the very last minute. Speaking of packing - I'm usually pretty good at stuffing a bunch of things into my suitcases, but this time - I struggled so hard.

Either way - I'm here now and I'm excited for all there is to come.

Beige Coat: United Arrows / Similar
Pants: GRLFRND / Revolve Clothing
Scarf: Burberry
Shoes: Chanel Espadrilles
Bag: XNIHILO c/o

Photos by Christina L.

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New York to Tokyo

Cherry Blossoms Tokyo / FOREVERVANNY.comLob Hair Cut, Tokyo Japan / FOREVERVANNY.com
New city, new hair - same attitude.

It’s thrilling to be young.
To be stuck and free all at once.
To be surrounded by friends to cheer you on and to find
parts of yourself you never knew existed when on your own.
To hold on and let go of people and places that provoke your emotions.
To miss things only when it’s gone.
To afford the luxury of making mistakes. And to have, really,
nothing to lose.

Some thoughts I jotted down while itching to sit still on the flight to Tokyo.

March 19, 2018

Bomber Jacket Alpha Industry, Ribbed Knit Dress, Sweater Dress Style, Clear PVC Tote / FOREVERVANNY.comBomber Jacket Alpha Industry, Personal Style, Tokyo Street Style, Ribbed Knit Dress / FOREVERVANNY.com

Second day in Japan, and we went to get the keys to our temporary apartment for the next 3 months or so! I was stoked, but also wore the same thing I wore on the plane since I was too lazy to unpack... But even throughout the month, this is an outfit that I wore at least 10 other times, typical.

Bomber Jacket: Alpha Industry
Ribbed Knit Dress: Asos
Shoes: Common Projects
Bag: Staud Clothing PVC Clear Tote / Alternative


Hoi An, Vietnam
Hoi An Lanterns, Hoi An Vietnam / FOREVERVANNY.com
Hoi An Lanterns, Couple in Hoi An / FOREVERVANNY.com
I was actually pretty excited to be in Tokyo during cherry blossoms season this year - but instead, Shun and I made a trip to Hoi An, Vietnam during the week of full blooms. I could say I was bummed about it but honestly, I've also waited forever to visit this place and cherry blossoms will bloom again next year!

To be quite frank, I was pretty nervous about taking Shun to Vietnam as he's always been the one leading me along in Japan and showing me around, so I felt like I was pressured to know a lot of things in case he had questions (like how I always have a million of them, haha).

But, with all my worries aside, it was such a good trip because it was our first trip with 2 cameras. It was really fun to go back on each of our film rolls and see what we each took photos of (see them on my photo diary).

March 25, 2018
&Other Stories Sweater, Lilac Sweater, Spring Style, Tokyo Street Style / FOREVERVANNY.com
Spring Street Style, Tokyo Style, Personal Style Blog, Clear PVC Tote, Transparent Tote / FOREVERVANNY.com

The weekend after we got back to Vietnam, both Shun and I came down with some pretty annoying health related issues (him, food poisining - mine, wisdom teeth infection). Because of that, we couldn't do anything but lay in bed all weekend and ultimately missed out on seeing the beautiful cherry blossoms that were holding on just for us.

Sweater: & Other Stories / Shopbop
Pants: GRLFRND Denim / Revolve Clothing
Shoes: Common Projects
Bag: Staud Clothing PVC Clear Tote


Spring things I've been eyeing

If you got to this point somehow, thank you so much for staying in touch with me and keeping up. I know this format is quite a heavy one and a lot of your time and attention has to commit to it. But just know that I really appreciate having this space to share my thoughts with whoever that's reading out there...

I hope that April will come with a lot more stories as I get even more settled into Tokyo.

Ps. If you got the title reference to Lost In Translation - thank you.